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The Jiffy Tune-Up Kits contain engine oil as well as a spark plug. Each kit is specific to the engine it is to be used with. The two-cycle engine tune-up kits contain premium 40:1 two-cycle smokeless synthetic blend engine oil with fuel stabilizer as well as the correct spark plug. The four-cycle engine tune-up kit contains premium four-cycle synthetic engine oil as well as a premium four-cycle spark plug.

The Jiffy Tune-Up Kits are made in the U.S.A.

Jiffy Tune-Up Kit
ModelEngine Type:
4005Jiffy 2-Cycle Engines and Tecumseh 2 HP
4006Jiffy Tecumseh 3 HP
4355Jiffy PRO4 and 4G Engines
4445JiffyPRO4 Lite and 4G Lite Engines
Customer Reviews
did what I needed
Comments: just bought a used jiffy auger and figured it be a good and safe bet to get this. I cant say I have any complaints.
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