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The J.W. Young & Sons BJ Centerpin Reel is one of finest quality centerpin reels on the market. The main body and the spool are machined from the highest quality aluminum bar stock,  and grey anodized for protection. The reel is attached to your rod with a solid dovetailed aluminum rod plate that is anodized pale gold.

The backplate of the J.W. Young & Sons BJ Centerpin Reel is finished with laser printed script and it has a simple on/off click drag to the spool and supports the precision machined stainless steel spindle. It has a low inertia take-off spool with a ventilated barrel. This is constructed around a center hub accurately aligned by means of six spokes, and houses an improved configuration of double stainless steel bearings.

Another added feature of the J.W. Young & Sons BJ Centerpin Reel is the easy removal of the handles to enable the ultimate purist to hand control the spool for quick line retrieval. This must be done by careful use of a screwdriver as the pivot is initially sealed into place with a strong adhesive.

As soon as you receive your J.W. Young & Sons BJ Centerpin Reel, you will notice the quality right off just by the box that is comes in. It comes in an elegant box that is nice enough to house the finest jewelry and inside is a very nice valore lined zipper pouch that holds the reel.

J.W. Young & Sons BJ Centerpin Reel
Customer Reviews
Bwana J
N.E. Ohio
Bob James review
Pros: easy start, great looking, excellent craftsmanship
Best Uses: Steelhead!!
Comments: Have been using this reel for almost two years and am extremely happy with it. I'm a new pinner and am lucky to have this as my beginner reel. I have a feeling it'll be with me for a long time. After learning basic casting techniques I have no problems casting or fighting steelhead with it. Money well spent.
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