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J.W. Young & Sons Heritage Centerpin Reel

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Item #: F243040000
This product is no longer available.

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The J.W. Young & Sons Heritage Centerpin Reel is one of the finest quality centerpin reels on the market. The main body and the spool are machined from the highest quality aluminum bar stock and deep green anodized for protection. The reel  attaches to your rod with a brass rod plate machined from bar stock.

The backplate of the J.W. Young & Sons Heritage Centerpin Reel is finished with laser printed script and it has a simple on/off click drag to the spool and supports the precision machined stainless steel spindle. It has a removable line-gaurd that is manufactured to John Wilson's own design and is held in place by four retaining screws. It also features a quick release ventilated spool that is constructed around a center hub accurately aligned by means of six spokes, and houses an improved configuration of double stainless steel bearings.

Another added feature of the J.W. Young & Sons Heritage Centerpin Reel is the easy removal of the handles to enable the ultimate purist to hand control the spool for quick line retrieval. This must be done by careful use of a screwdriver as the pivot is initially sealed into place with a strong adhesive.

As soon as you receive your J.W. Young & Sons Heritage Centerpin Reel, you will notice the quality right off just by the box that is comes in. It comes in an elegant box that is nice enough to house the finest jewellery and inside is a very nice valore lined zipper pouch that holds the reel.

J.W. Young & Sons Heritage Centerpin Reel
Manufacturer History

J.W. Young & Sons reels have been around since the late 1800's. James William Young was a natural innovator who had a flare for design and engineering. He started J.W. Young & Sons in Redditch, England and designed several models of reels including the Allcock Aerial.

All of the components of J.W. Young & Sons reels are made in the U.K., most of which are manufactured by Jim Young (grandson of the original J.W. Young) in his workshop. These reels are assembled in Tewkesbury, England and then personally inspected by Jim Young who signs a certificate (which is included with the reel) that they conform to J.W. Young's high standards.

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