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The Humminbird ICE 55 Ice Flasher carries revolutionary features built and designed for the diehard ice fisherman. The ICE 55 Ice Flasher feature a fiber-optic flasher display and a patent-pending backlit LCD for exceptional performance in any level of light, making this flasher easy to use on those blinding, sunny winter days. The 6-color display has an overlay depth scale for easy interpretation. The LCD shows a depth scale and large number readouts for exact depth marks.

At the heart of the Humminbird ICE 55 Ice Flasher is a Dual Beam 9 Degree (240 kHz) 19 Degree (455 kHz) transducer allowing for a greater overall cone of view. This flasher runs at four depth scales in manual mode: 20 ft., 40 ft., 80 ft. and 200 ft. and seven depth scales in automatic mode: 20 ft., 40 ft., 60 ft., 80 ft. 100 ft., 120 ft. and 200 ft.

The ICE 55 includes a 6 button control pad with zoom, gain, noise, beam, target cursor and color selections for easy fine tuning. A LCD battery voltage indicator lets you know the flashers power condition. This unit includes a rechargeable 9 amp hour 12 volt battery and charger.

Features of the ICE 55 Ice Flasher include:

  • LCD and 6-color fiber-optic flasher display
  • Overlay depth scale delivers excellent viewing in sunlight
  • 2400 watts peak-to-peak power
  • 10-step interference rejection
  • 4 depth scales (manual mode): 20', 40', 80', 200'
  • 7 depth scales (auto mode): 20', 40', 60', 80', 100', 120', 200’
  • 6 button control pad
  • Color palatte setting allow unit to display as Vexilar, Marcum and Humminbird-6 color
  • Dual Beam 9/19 Degree Transducer
  • LCD Battery voltage indicator
  • Shuttle mount with built-in gimbal bracket
  • 9AH battery with charger
  • Soft Side Carrying Case
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty
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Customer Reviews
Advanced Angler
Only one I ever owned
Pros: Six colors
Cons: Noisy
Best Uses: Hard water fishing
Comments: I like it for what it is and does and it does what it says it will do. I want an all digital color sonar that performs as good or better than this unit. Smaller draw lines and no noise and less battery drain and a little less weight. It is six colors and that helps the most. I have some issues and things I wish they would change. The line it draws should be finner. Like the showdown. I would buy the showdown if it was color in a heart beat. the plate that spins is loud and off balance a tad to where it makes noise at times. Probably the motor bearings as I fish daily for long days and into the night all of the time. The battery has never let me down, but their charger wiged out on me one day and no longer works. It was buzzing and clicking. Not worth burning down the house. I use the battery tender jr and its great. The quick connects on the back of the head unit are a little too long and hit the battery when tilting up to watch it from the ice and some times they come loose because of this. So check yours if things don't seems right. They should mount them lower and use screw connectors as there is not need for quick connects. The White mark on the on/off/select knob wears off fast and you have to use your own substitute like white out. The display face seems soft and I don't want to clean it or wipe water from it much because it will get spider scratches. It has what looks like hard water spots on it because of that. Not sure what product will remove them and not hurt the plastic. So thinking it should be made of glass, like gorilla glass. We do a lot of hole hoping when they move or when they are not in trying to find where they are and it works good for that too because it locks onto the bottom fast, some times it wigs out on me and you have to shut it off and back on when it won't lock right or display wrong. I only wishit had a lighter battery in it like a lion 4. It uses the 12v 9ah heavy battery that weighs 6.2 lb. The lion 4 is 2.6 lb. $ pounds roughly doesn't seem like much but when you are hole hopping it is a lot. My buddy uses the showdown and we use mine while hopping I think because mine is faster and he is lazier. I should look into that one closer this season. It is good at seeing tiny size 3 Fiskas down deep or deep for us is 60 feet, but fish down to 40 because they don't like the bottom at 60 feet of water. One thing I thought was a problem but turns out to be a good thing is towards evening a bunch of what looks like interference would show and we loose our jigs in it no mater how we change the settings. It turns out to be zoo plankton and we do catch fish in it and it is hard to try to distinguish jig from plankton to locate depth of jig. When a fish rolls in it is easy to spot, but you have to know where you are to get the jig to the fish. The plankton is almost to the bottom and goes up to maybe 15-20 feet to the top. I hate the noise it makes, it gets old after a while, so I called customer service and she said 130 dollars and shipping gets what ever is wrong repaired. I would go with that, but it should be fully refurbished like face plate, motor, circuit board and what ever else gets weak but doesn't fail until you are in the field using it again. So I guess until it fails all of the way, I will put up with it. If you move the head to a different angle it often stops for a while. Thats how I know its a bearing. It is hard to see the lines in full sun shine and while wearing sun glass's to protect your eyes. So you have to sit with the sun at your back to save your eyes and put the flasher in your shadow to see it. At night, it is too bright and I wish they had a dimmer on it. Also because it is so bright, the extra light from the optics showing the worthless info from below bottom, but draws anyway, needs a face plate on a center pin to be used to "black out" that data/light. I thought of black tape, but it changes where it needs to be too often. It would have to be selection of plate sizes to stick to the face to get rid of it. A lot of this info is going to be true for all or most flashers that are analog at least, even tho this is my first flasher. Leaning on an upgrade of the LX7 or Showdown. Showdown isn't color so harder to spot your lure in plankton. LX7 seems like the way to go to upgrade from this unit, but I have 500 dollars in the ice55 and would have another 700 dollars in the lx7. Thats kinda over board for me.
What a bummer
Pros: Easy To Use, Functional
Cons: Poor Design, Poor Construction
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: I have had this unit for going on the 3rd season, used maybe 8 -10 times. Like brand new....I went on the ice for the first time this season and the flasher motor and spindle went south. I called humminbird and sure they will fix it $128.00+ shipping. This not my idea of quality, my son has had his Vex20 and has never had issues and his is a year older..Marcum is my next purchase for sure!!
Capt. Wayne
Professional Angler
As Good As They Get!
Pros: Functional, Easy To Maintain, Easy To Use, Durable
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Traveling, Ice Fishing
Comments: This is a great unit for the ice or boat. I bought it last season and can say that it has put fish in the pail many days, when the fishing was just plain tough. From Sag.Bay to Lake Simcoe, fishing walleye or perch or local lakes doing croppie and gills. Have not found a jig it wont mark and I fish some very small tungsten on finicky Gills. There are others that are good as well, but I am happy with my purchase. Not all pro's get all equipment given to them. This unit had what I was looking for in a flasher so I bought it
Cleveland, OH
Really love it, almost no downside
Pros: Good battery life, Nice Case, Big screen, Easy To Use, Great Target Separation, No Noise
Cons: Interference with 'birds
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: I have used this flasher now for 2 full seasons and love it. I've ice fished water as deep as 60 feet and can mark a bluegill sized jig all the way down..the screen is large and easy to see in any conditions. The case is very nice and you can keep the charger in there with the battery. The ONLY downside to these units is they do have interference issues if they are too close to other Humminbird units. You can be 1 foot from a vex or other brand - no problem, they operate on different frequencies. 2 birds can be an issue if closer than 30 feet or so. Has not been much of a problem for me except when I fish with my one friend who has an ice45(and loves it!). Now we know to spread out a bit and all is good.
Steve the Slayer
The best thing since sliced bread!
Pros: Extremely sensitive, Durable, Easy To Maintain, Functional, Easy To Use
Cons: no cons
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: So easy to use.The display is big and very easy to read.The sensitivity of it is crazy,being able to see your demon glow 30 feet down with no doubt that it is your jig is crazy. I have told all my friends to buy this and will keep doing it.I love this thing.
östersund, sweden
 used in sweden
Pros: Easy To Use, Functional, Easy To Maintain
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: nice and easy to use, will use it this winther when fishing char
Muskego, WI
Pricey but very nice
Pros: Durable, Easy To Maintain, Very easy to use, Huge Display
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: The display is what sold me. It's large and easy to read. I was really impressed with the units ability to ready a tiny jig head at depth. I'll never have to upgrade from this one.. It includes a nice battery charger with level display and soft case.
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