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The Hodgman Felt Sole Replacement Kit is an economical way to extend the life of your wading boots. The felt kit includes the items below:

  • One pair felt soles (large enough to replace any size wading shoe felt)
  • One tube of cement
  • Easy to follow directions
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Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (3)
Good Footing (2)
Easy To Use (2)
Good footing (2)
better glue needed (2)
Best Uses
Fly Fishing (5)

Customer Reviews
United States
 No slipping
Comments: Works very well on rocky river bed.
PA hunter
Camp Hill, PA
 Good value.
Pros: Good footing
Cons: better glue needed
Best Uses: Fly Fishing
Comments: Successfully used product in the past. Recommend using SHOE GOO and wrapping with GORILLA TAPE.
 Felt Sole Replacement
Comments: I followed the instructions on how to apply the adhesive to the replacement felt sole and my waders. I went fishing one time and the sole fell off. Obviously, the adhesive is the problem. In hind site, I should have used Gorilla Glue, which I've used in the past to reapply a felt sole that came halfway off. I would recommend this product for the felt sole only. Do not use the adhesive. I'm applying the 2nd sole from the set using Gorilla Glue and will report back how that works out.
West Virginia
Novice Angler
 Wader repair
Comments: The product was difficult to cut and about impossible to get enough pressure on the heel for the glue to work. The new pad stayed on for 3 fishing trips before falling off. I would not recommend this product , I wished I would have used the money towards a new pair of waders.
Barefoot Fisherman
Glen Spey, NY
Avid Angler
 Felt Sole Kit Unsatisfactory
Pros: prompt delivery
Cons: worthless product
Best Uses: felt flyswatter
Comments: I purchased a felt sole replacement kit, manufactured by Hodgman/Stearns, which arrived promptly. The manufacturer advises, in the included instructions, that the soles should be fastened to the wader boots with the adhesive supplied with the kit. The instructions advise the customer to paint the adhesive onto the boots and soles. The adhesive that came with my kit was apparently old and past it's "use by" date. The adhesive was so thick that it could not be brushed on, but only balled up on the brush into a sticky, rubbery glob.
Casual/Recreational Angler
 100% Satisfied
Pros: Good footing
Best Uses: Fly Fishing
Comments: I am 100% satisfied with my purchase of the Hodgman Felt Sole Replacement Kit. The kit was complete, it included everything I needed for the replacement of the old worn out felt soles on my hip waders. The instructions included were excellent and easy to follow. Everything worked as stated.
Dugspur, Va
 problem with glue
Pros: Easy To Use
Cons: better glue needed
Best Uses: waders and boots
Comments: The only problem I had was with the glue. Not sure as to how long the glue had been stored or if it was froze at some point in time, but it had separated. Needed to be remixed before using and the adhesion to the boots was not the best.
Solon, Iowa
 Hodgeman Felt Sole Replacement Kit
Comments: I am very happy with this product. Easy to use and the directions are easy to follow. The price was right and the shipping was very prompt. Very good communication from FishUSA on the shipping status.
brookville pa
 these work great
Pros: Functional, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: I put these on an old smooth bottom pair of boots and they work great on slippery rocks. I took the time to grind the bottoms off with my bench grinder before I glued them on. then used wire ties snuggly around the boots over night till the glue dried so far they have not loosened a bit & work good
lagrange, ga.
Pros: Good Footing, Tough Material
Best Uses: Fly Fishing
Comments: Made a big difference when wading on slick rocks.
Canton, MI
 Seem to work just fine
Pros: Good Footing
Best Uses: Cold Water, Fly Fishing
Comments: The new felts work really well. You don't notice how worn your old felts get until you replace them with new ones. I did not glue the soles on myself, as I didn't feel completely comfortable doing it. Instead I had a local cobbler glue them on and trim them to size. With this added expense, I could have bought a new pair of boots, but I really like my leather hi-tops for the increased ankle support and wanted to keep using them.
Abilene Texas
 This worked great on a pair of waders!!!
Pros: Durable, Versatile, Lightweight
Best Uses: Fly Fishing
Comments: This was very simple to put on but I do reccommend trimming it well and using electrical tape to hold in place while the glue sets up!
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