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Heritage Tackle Replacement Metal Tip-Up Spool fits the Laker, Muskie, and Ice Bear tip-ups from Heritage. These heavy duty, high capacity spools are perfect for big game species such as pike, muskie, lake trout, and large walleye.

Heritage Tackle Replacement Metal Tip-Up Spools are made in the U.S.A.


Heritage Tackle Replacement Metal Tip-Up Spool
ModelSpool Diameter
Outside Width
Inside Width
Customer Reviews
Menomonee falls, WI.
Comments: The kit worked perfect, the only thing I would ask if they would send a new bolt along with the kit. I also bought the metal spool. I was using this for homemade tip-ups
eastern USA
 replace the plastic reels
Comments: The metal reels needed pulling up on the trigger point, worked the flag well once just about a 1/32 of an inch was added to the point trigger. Does not seem like the company that manufactured the reels put much effort into making sure the metal trigger was punched out well in production. Much better than the plastic reel, the plastic reel the tip the triggered the flag had some motion on the plastic, sometimes skipping a tip-up all together. I ordered 8 tackle from fishusa added my own line and will use a heavy finish on the wood. Overall saving from the website that sells these tackle finished will be around $140 in the end, worth the time!
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