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Color: Blue Flitter Shad
Color: Gold Shiner
Color: Fluorescent Green
Color: Gray Shad
Color: Perch
Color: Chrome
Color: Red Head
Color: Silver Shiner
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Color: Blue Flitter Shad
Color: Gold Shiner
Color: Fluorescent Green
Color: Gray Shad
Color: Perch
Color: Chrome
Color: Red Head
Color: Silver Shiner

Heddon Sonar Blade Baits


Heddon Sonar Blade Baits are the original action-adjustable lure. The three line-tie holes allow adjustment of the lure's running depth and action. The front hole is for shallow running and high vibration. The rear hole produces deep running and a wide, slower, wobbling action. The center hole is perfect for jigging, a technique especially effective for ice fishing.

Each package contains one lure.

Heddon Sonar Blade Baits are made in the U.S.A.


Heddon Sonar Blade Baits
Treble Hooks
X04311781412Two No. 6
X04332381412Two No. 6
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Customer Reviews
Cooperstown, NY
 You Never Know What They Will Catch!
Pros: They work!, They cast a mile
Cons: hooks sometimes foul
Best Uses: Any game fish
Comments: Really attracts fish with super vibration. Old standby lure, my father used them when I was just a kid, 50 years ago.
 great fishing lure
Pros: versatility, catch all kinds of sport fish, especially walleye!
Cons: the hooks
Comments: You hear all the time about the new rage in fishing lures. It's all lure company's hype trying to get you buy their latest and greatest. In the meantime no one who has recently started fishing hears about the old fishing lures. Just because you don't hear about an old lure on all these fishing shows doesn't mean it doesn't catch a lot of fish. The good old fashioned blade bait is one of them. I've been using the Heddon blade bait 1/4 ounce for two years now. Blade baits catch almost everything in the water. I use them to catch walleye and they work great! These blade baits vibrate really easily. The vibration of this lure is key to catching fish with it. Just a simple lift on the rod and you can feel the vibration. I fish them horizontally and vertically. Just make sure you don't have a lot of slack in the line while letting the lure fall. When it's falling is when the fish usually hit. The one thing that I do change on them is the hook. I think the hooks they come with are too big.I put on a split ring with a size 10 hook on the 1/4 ounce. The only reason I don't give them a 5 is because of the hook issue. Buy some of these, learn how to fish them correctly and you won't be sorry.
oneida lake ny
heddon blade bait
Pros: Good price, great action, great for jigging
Comments: these blades are deadly for walleye. cast it out and jig it back slowly to the boat you can feel the vibration of the lure then bam a fish hits. Have caught alot of walleye and even some hog perch and the occasional sheephead (drum)
Heber Springs, AR
Novice Angler
 Always dependable
Pros: great action
Cons: None - perfect
Comments: I have used Heddon Sonars for over 30 years and they always been dependable to catch just about any fish in the water.
nw pa
Pros: great for jigging
Comments: works like a charm, great action for jigging, grandpa used it years ago worked then works now
Ross Brown
Queensland, Australia
 An old one, but a good one
Pros: Just a great all-round lure
Best Uses: Spinning, jigging.. or just use your imagination
Comments: This must be one of the all-time great lures, and a prolific fish catcher. The adjustability of this lure allows for numerous fishing scenareos, form casting to jigging, fishing deep or shallow, fast or slow retrieve and a tight or wide action. I particularly like the rear most line-tie point as it allows a slow retrieve but a wide "fluttering" action. Most of the time I use the heavier version as the extra weight assists casting and allows a deeper retrieve, having said that the lighter version has it's place as well. The near verticle stance the lure takes on as it runs through the water, places the the two trebles squarely in the face of a pursueing fish, giving very positive hook-up rates. I have been using these lures for over 50 years, and recently purchased another 15 from FishUSA.
Rhinelander, WI
 Oldie, but really a goodie!
Pros: great
Best Uses: Bass, Pike, Perch
Comments: These things are adjustable to depth of the fish, and the fish love em'. They may be simple and old school, but man do they put fish on your stringer!
Land of 10,000 lakes - Minnesota
 Great product, great service.
Pros: Good price, In time for ice fishing, Fast delivery
Cons: None - perfect
Best Uses: Walleye love it
Comments: If walleye don't slam it, it gets their attention so live bait can finish the job.
Southwest PA
 Walleye love em!
Comments: These are very productive for river walleye, vertical jigging and jig casting. Can't beat em.
Olympia WA
Pros: High Quality, Great Value, Easy to use, Well built, Would recomend to friends
Best Uses: Bass fishing, Trout, Croupie
Comments: I purchased this lure for my 11 year old son. The first day we went to the lake he caught 3 fish. I was very impressed
Garrison, MN
 Heddon Blades save the day
Pros: Versitile jig cast troll
Best Uses: Jigging seems best
Comments: When no other lure or live bait seemed to work for anyone in our Canadian fishing party, I finally put my Heddon blade lure on and caught every specie of fish the lake had to offer--Lake Trout,Walleye, Northern Pike and Whitefish
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