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HT Enterprises Magnum Polar Pop-Up Tip-Up has a unique Magnum trip which pops-up a reflective indicator rather than using a traditional flag. The patented, freeze proof design has no exposed trip mechanism or line, so high winds can't accidentally trip it and drifting snow can't plug it. The spool winder allows you to quickly and easily wind up your line. Set up is as simple as unlocking the cap, opening the legs, and unlocking the spool.

Features of the HT Enterprises Magnum Polar Pop-Up Tip-Up include:

  • Patented freeze proof magnum deluxe magnetic trip mechanism
  • Extra large 1,500 ft. spool
  • Adjustable magnet tension settings
  • Adjustable positive drag system
  • Reflective pop-up tube top for easy visibility
  • Rubber line keeper ring
  • Thermal sheath
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Double D
Calgary Alberta
 All in one big fish tip up.
Pros: All in one, sensitive and adjustable
Cons: No beeper alarm
Best Uses: Large fish, deeper water.
Comments: This is a beefier version of the polar popup. The spool is bigger, the construction is beefier, there is a built in (removable) hole cover skirt, and you can adjust the spool tension for using larger and heavier baits. All in one package. You can put a glow stick in the shaft for night fishing. One thing I found was lacking was a larger "flag". I solved it by using fluo-orange duct tape and taping orange survey tape pieces to the top as a flag. You tuck the ends of the flags in the tube. So they only fly when it pops. Similar to the smallar pop up. I would like to see a beeper/light tattle version. Somtimes you just can't see very well out your fogged up tent window. I have successfully use this in 75fow for lakers.
Lancaster, NY
Avid Angler
 Recently purchased Polar Tip-Ups
Pros: good products, Very portable
Best Uses: ice fishing
Comments: I just received a couple Magnum Pop-Up tip ups from Fish USA and found one of them got damaged in shipping. I called thier customer service and was quickly and politely taken care of. Hats off to a great company looking to take care of todays fisherpeople. Jack Fridmann
Grand Forks, ND
 Nice product...needs tweeking.
Pros: Very portable, functions well when set
Cons: Real mechanics need a bit more design time
Best Uses: Works well for northerns and waleyes
Comments: Over all I think the product functions well. I have had no problems with freezing.The adjustment for the magnetic strength is a great idea, but if you do adjust the magnet, you always have to have a pair of pliers to get it tight enough to hold without slipping. I do like the idea of the fold up cover. It makes these units very portable within your fishing bucket or sled at the same time functional to protect against freezing holes. If fishing at night, the glow stick is a nice idea if you remember to pick up extras and if your sporting goods store always has them, but realisticly it's just anther thing to think about before you go fishing. I have not seen these units in upgrade sporting stores such as Cabela's , Sheels. Maybe they were just out of stock.
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