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The HT Enterprises Magnetic Polar Pop-Up Tip-Up has a unique magnetic trip which "pops-up" a lighted strike indicator rather than using a traditional flag. The HT Enterprises Magnetic Polar Pop-Up Tip-Up is 25 in. in length with the strike indicator down.

Features of the HT Enterprises Magnetic Polar Pop-Up Tip-Up include:

  • Patented freeze proof magnetic trip mechanism
  • Since there is no exposed line or trip mechanism, even a 50 mph wind can not trip the pop-up accidentally because its sturdy 3-point suspension makes it stay put
  • Drifting snow simply can't plug the pop-up's trip mechanism because of its unique design
  • On hard strikes, the spool winder acts as a water brake to keep the spool from over-running and fouling up your line
  • The pop-up's specially designed spool winder lets you wind up your line easily anytime you want
  • Set the "adjustable tension" light for panfish, medium for walleye, and heavy in deep water for lake trout and northern pike
  • There's no exposed flag to confuse you from a distance and the flag shaft is a bright fluorescent orange so you get a positive signal when a fish strikes
  • Lighted flag shaft tube helps to see the tip-up during low light and night time fishing
  • The easy-to-grip knurled spool lock is designed for adjusting tension and for locking the spool when storing
  • The pop-up is built out of space age plastic to take punishment while it stays lightweight and warm to the touch
  • Easy operation - simply unlock the cap, open the legs, unlock the spool, and bait up

HT Enterprises Magnetic Polar Pop-Up Tip-Up
Review Summary
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of customers would recommend this product.63%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (20)
Easy To Handle (12)
Easy To Store (11)
Good For Variety Of Fish (9)
Easy To Transport (6)
Sensitive (4)
Poor Construction (9)
Limited Use (2)
Best Uses
Ice Fishing (14)
Fresh Water (5)
Small Fish (4)
Deep Water (3)
Large Fish (3)

Customer Reviews
prior lake,mn.
 great for light biters
Pros: Walleyes and perch, Good For Variety Of Fish
Cons: Leak and freeze up, Poor Construction, Popup flags break
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: fishes great for walleyes and perch good for windy conditions reels freeze up,I siliconed mine up flags trip in storage bag and break in transit Light weight
carthage,new york
 great tipup the only ones i use
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Handle, Easy To Store
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: these tipups are great a friend put me on to them a few years ago i know have 12 and would not use any thing else . when you get a flag there is a fish no wind flags with these babies
southwales ny
 would buy again
Pros: Easy To Handle, Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Store
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Deep Water, Ice Fishing
Comments: works great never froze up caught fish
Mike E. Nye
Lebanon, Pennsylvania
 no wind trips
Pros: Easy To Store, Good For Variety Of Fish, No false alarms, Easy To Handle, Strong
Best Uses: Deep Water, Fresh Water, Ice Fishing
Comments: easy to set up and easy to put away no wind trips
Works for me
Pros: Easy To Handle, Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Store
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: We seem to catch more fish using this tip-up.Had one that had a slight leak so I sealed them all with a hot glue gun.I got 2 more and the new ones are 1 piece now so that should eliminate problems.
Extremely Disappoint
Minneapolis, MN
 Extremely Disappointed in Minnesota
Pros: Easy To Store, Easy To Handle
Cons: Poor quality, Poor Construction, Leaky
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: I recently purchased two of your Polar Pop-Up magnetic tip-ups online. I have two of these that I have used for over twenty-five years and have had no problems, except the magnets are getting weak. I used the first one right out of the package today - after set up, and because it was -10 today, I went to make sure my bait wasn't in the weeds and to clear the hole of ice. When I checked to make sure it was unlocked and the flag would pop up, nothing happened! When I tried pulling up on the shaft, it pulled right out of the magnet! Apparently, the magnet was frozen in the tube. I don't know for sure because when I attempted to remove the unit from the hole, the spool assembley slid off the end of the shaft and sank in 17 feet of water to the bottom of the lake! When I got home, I opened the second one - the shaft pulled out of the magnet and the spool assembly came off the tube without effort. There appears to be no adhesive sealer being used during assembly at all! I am extremely disappointed with the quality of product your company is putting out on the market. As I stated earlier, i have used this style tip-up for over twenty-five years and have never had a problem with water and/or seals with my previous units. I truly hope you will correct this quality-control issue immediately.
Erie, Pa
Chineese made junk
Pros: There are none
Best Uses: Dont waste your time
Comments: First off the tube fills with water and freezes in the pop up, after epoxying the tube to stop water build up, the flag freezes in from snow. The plastic will not hold up to cold. The cover caps broke alowing the pop ups (if not frozen up) to get snapped off during transport. I talked to a fellow fisherman who has had the old style for 20 yrs and is still fishing with them. the new ones are junk.
Wayne T
Amherst, Virginia
They leak and freeze
Pros: Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: I like the product after I sealed the tubes with silicone. They all leaked and froze and the strike indicator did not work. Also not easy to get proper drag adjustment.
Faribault, MN
Not What They Used to Be
Pros: Easy To Handle, Easy To Store, Good For Variety Of Fish
Cons: Poor Construction, Fish Get Away
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: The original pop-ups had a sturdier plastic tube, grey in color, and the three legs were made of a better quality metal. The addition of the orange flag, which seems to have disappeared on this model, was a waste of material and impacted the tube's ability to pop up. I was first introduced to this type of pop-up more than 20 years ago by my in-laws in South Dakota; they were easy to use, and they avoided the "false strikes" of the flag tip ups in heavy winds. The only "con" at that time was that it was difficult in stained water to see the wheel spinning unless the magnet had some coloring on it. The new models take on water, are not as likely to pop up in cold weather, and are hindered by parts that are of a lesser quality. I still use the newer model during warm weather, especially when I fish in SD where you can use four lines, but back in Minnesota, they stay in the basement.
big dummy
Blaine, MN
 Great tip up!!!
Pros: Easy To Store, Easy To Handle, Simple set up, Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: Ice Fishing, Fresh Water
Comments: This product is easy for any age to figure out. They are simple to set up and you dont have to worry about the wind. I dont use the straight boards anymore and dont plan on it either.
Lynn, Mass
Pros: Easy To Handle, Easy To Store, Good For Variety Of Fish
Cons: Poor Construction
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Ice Fishing, Deep Water
Comments: I am a pretty avid fisherman, new to the ice fishing aspect. I fish with 3 other guys and used all their equipment last year. They all use either HT or Frabill magnetic tip ups. To "hold my own" I purchased 10 of these traps...2 came right off the tube upon opening and most leaked allowing the spring in the tip up to freeze and not signal when we had fish (first day 3 pickeral on with no tip up) I sealed all the traps myself....first with a metal bonding adhesive used in aviation (work for GE) and second with a silicone adhesive(again GE)....traps all performed stellar after my own maintenance. I love these traps. I just wish they performed like this out of the package. Brian P Barrett bbubbab[@]
Pros: Easy To Handle, Easy To Store
Cons: Poor Construction
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
green bay wi
 be careful of this item
Pros: Easy To Store, Easy To Handle
Cons: Poor Construction
Best Uses: Ice Fishing, Fresh Water
Comments: This item is poorly built. The first time I used these tipups i found that water can get into the tube where the flag and the magnetic are stored. When this water freezes, the flag will not indicate a fish strike. I also had the spool come unglued from the tube on one of the units as well. I would recommend people to stay away from this product.
central massachusetts
 I would not but this product again
Cons: Poor Construction, Limited Use, Doesnt work well, Looks Fake
Comments: I have been looking at this product for upwards of two years. I finally bought it and the first one I recieved didn't work at all and the second one seemed to work in my house. I went fishing with it and it froze in the hole and flag never went off. This product claims to never freeze and always works. I found this to be untrue.
Erin, NY
 So far, so good
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish
Cons: Poor Construction
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Not 100% sure on the construction. I have tip-ups at less than 1/2 the price that are made much better. I bought it for the technology of it. In theroy it looks good, but needs more adjustment and needs to be more robust.
iceman clem
Pros: Easy To Store, Easy To Handle
Cons: Poor Construction, Limited Use
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: i like the tip ups .but if the flag poles break up after 2-yrs of service they are done for throw away .for the money i think they should last longer than that
Frozen Lakes, Upstate New York
 These tip ups are excellent!
Pros: Easy To Transport, Sensitive, Durable, Flexible
Best Uses: Large Fish, Small Fish
Comments: These tip ups really work great! I would recomend them to anyone who is an avid Ice-runner.
Best tip-up on the market !
Pros: Sensitive, No wind flags, Easy to see flag pole, Durable, Easy To Transport, Easy set up, No freeze ups
Cons: Use wand no flag
Best Uses: Large Fish, Small Fish
Comments: I have been using this product since the early 80's.I use my tip-ups an average of 30 times a year,from small ponds to large lakes were the wind blows all the time.You get no wind flags or freeze ups.The ability to move the tripod up or down on the tip-up helps out with freeze ups.Being able to set the drag on the spool is a must when using large bait.This tip-up has it all.
One Walleye Tom
Pros: Flexible, Easy To Transport, Sensitive
Comments: We use a dozen pop up HTs on Fort Peck where there are frequent 10 to 30 below temps with high winds to make baiting, and setting tip ups miserable. Packing up is even easier, wind up the spool, fold the legs, lock down the pop-up and throw it in the bucket. At high wind chill index factors, you want the retrieval to be as fast as possible. You do have to be careful spudding them out, but you will learn how to do it right. No false flag ups because of wind. Great product.
Northern New York
You won't find a lower price
Pros: Easy To Transport
Comments: [...]
Central Wisconsin
Not 100% satisfied
Pros: Easy set-up, Easily packed up, Durable, Easy To Transport
Cons: Flag indicator sticky, Inoperable in frigid temp
Best Uses: Big fish, Small Fish
Comments: I fished with these on Minnesota's famed lake Winnibigoshish for jumbo perch. We caught fish on them but the longer they were in the sub-zero temps the worse they performed. I wasn't impressed. My opinion is stick with the HT insulated tip-ups or regular HT polars with a foam hole insulator.
Somerset, Pa
EZ setup lets you fish more.
Pros: Variable drag, Sensitive, Durable, Easy To Transport
Cons: Flag gets stuck, Hole ice up
Best Uses: Will handle most species, Large Fish, Small Fish
Comments: I personnally own the previous model that used the flag indicator, it would stick in the tube from time to time, which made it hard to tell if you hooked-up. I just trimmed it down to eradicate the problem. Looks like they one-uped it now by using a flasher. Other than that, this item is a keeper. Quick to setup and take down, compact shape, varible drag. No need to clear the ice with the tripod design which gives it a sturdy platform. Of the 4 different varieties of tip-ups/pop-ups I use, this is by far the best.
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