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The HT Enterprises Ice Fishing Spring Bobbers add sensitivity to your rod, allowing you to detect even the smallest bite. These spring bobbers are constructed from spring steel and have a fluorescent orange tip.

The Heat Shrink Mount (model SBF-2) features 14 inch heat shrink tubing to attach the bobber to the ice rod. Please note: If the tip top is larger than 14 inches, the snap on model should be used.

The Snap On Mount (model SBF-2S) features an easy snap on foam rubber attachment.

Each pack includes two spring bobbers. Mounting instructions are included.

Review Summary
(16 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.93%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (7), Casual/ Recreational (4)
Sensitive (10)
Good Tip Action (9)
Flexible (5)
Lightweight (4)
Durable (3)
Best Uses
Ice Fishing (7)
Small Fish (4)
Ice fishing (3)

Customer Reviews
Bloomsburg Pa
Great add-on
Pros: Sensitivity, Good Tip Action, Easy to install
Comments: Works great for panfish and bass. Gives the bait good action for enticing strikes.
heavy duty
United States
spring bobber
Pros: price
Cons: heat shrink???, heatshrink
Best Uses: ice fishing
Comments: use caution when using heat, pole's may be damaged. (I use thread and cement to attach.)
Pros: Work well for nibblers
Comments: Worked OK. They will bend and take a set though. Havent figured out how to use the shrink tube attachement without taking the eye off the pole so used electricians tape, but when the tape got cold the spring slid out.
U.P. Mi.
great idea
Pros: aids in detecting a light bite
Cons: eyelet is too small, method of attaching to the ice rod
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Eyelet should be a little larger in diameter. This may help prevent the eyelet from freezing up while ice fishing. I attach mine to the rod tip by winding thread around it and spreading a thin coat of silicone glue to the thread.
North Dakota
 Don't judge a book by it cover
Pros: Durable
Best Uses: Small Fish, Ice Fishing
Comments: fishing jumbo pearch
Pros: Good Tip Action, Sensitive, Flexible, Lightweight
Best Uses: Small Fish, Ice Fishing
Comments: Works well
 good stuff
Pros: Flexible, Lightweight, Easy To Transport, Sensitive, Good Tip Action, Durable
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: use on my medium weight pole now i have two poles in 1
 Great use with light ice fishing
Pros: Lightweight, Good Tip Action, Sensitive
Best Uses: Small Fish, Ice Fishing
Comments: Does what is says.
 great product
Pros: Flexible, Sensitive, Lightweight, Good Tip Action
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Great product! I wouldn't be caught ice fishing without them anymore! The only negative i can think of is the shrink tubing is a little difficult to apply, but once it's on there no bluegill or crappie is safe!
Basking Ridge,New Jersey
 definitely would buy this product again.
Pros: Good Tip Action, Sensitive
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: I first used these spring bobbers last year ice fishing for smelts.They worked great.The bobbers would detect the slightest nibble.My fishing buddies werte so impressed I gave them your website for them to purchase these spring bobbers.I also ordered an ample supply for this years ice fishing.Fish USA is a great source for ice fishing gear of all sorts.Thanks, Ed
 Works well when properly matched to rod
Pros: Sensitive
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: Pretty sensitive to light strikes. See the HT videos on how to use these. They are pretty good. I bought the snap on version and the tip of my ice rod is too small to adjust the position lower than the tip guide. However, by placing it below the 2nd to last guide and positioned to the side it works well and allows a good hook set.
Littleton, New Hampshire
Professional Angler
 Crappie and Blue Gill ice fishing !!
Pros: Sensitive, Flexible
Comments: I found it easier to tape it to the rod tip rather than using the heat shrink attachment. I can remove it or change location whenever I want to.
Antigo, WI
 A Good Spring bobber
Pros: Good Tip Action, Sensitive
Cons: Securing It to the Rod
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: One thing I like about the HT Enterprises Spring Bobber when compared to other spring bobber models is that the HT Enterprises spring bobber is longer than other spring bobbers I've used in the past, which shows a light bite better. I used thread and rod tip glue to secure it to the rod and didn't use the shrink tube(personal preference).
Mouse D.
Coudersport, PA
 Spring bobber has good action & features
Pros: Easy To Transport, Sensitive, Good Tip Action
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: I got the longer unit and have used it for perch fishing a couple of times. Had good response to the spring bobber on otherwise slow days.
 Best one for the dollar
Comments: Whats nice about this spring bobber is that it is cheap, and it doesn't freeze up like some other spring bobbers, that are actual springs. Best one i've found so far.
 B+ spring bobber
Pros: Durable, Sensitive, Good Tip Action, Flexible, Accurate Casting
Best Uses: Small Fish
Comments: These worked great after I glued them to my rod.
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