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Gamakatsu Tube Head Jig Heads are designed to be the ultimate finesse tube head for precise presentations with smaller baits. These jig heads are built on a strong, sticky sharp NS black hook that assures solid hook-ups.

Gamakatsu Tube Head Jig Heads are known around the world for performance, durability, and reliability. These hooks are made from high quality, heavy wire specifically made for the demands that a fishing hook can endure.

Features of Gamakatsu Tube Head Jig Heads include:

  • NS Black finish
  • Heavy wire
  • Forged
  • Jig hook
  • Barb

Each package contains five jig heads with size two hooks.

Really stong and sharp keep on the tip.
Los Angeles, California.
About Me:
Really strong and fine made, they made this jig head like make a art things, really cool.
Pros: Strong, sharp, fine made.
Cons: none
Best Uses: Crappie, Panfish, Shan, Bass, Trout
Kamatsu Jig Hook
Bowie Md
About Me:
Avid Angler
and Brackish Water
Excellent Hook Strong yet flexible enough to pull thru most snags.
Pros: Strong
Cons: none
Best Uses: None Specified
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