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The Gamakatsu Tournament Snap is part of the Gamakatsu G Finesse series which was designed by pro-angler Shin Fukae. These snaps are made of stainless steel and are designed for use on any species of fish out there.

The Gamakatsu Tournament Snap will never open on you unless you manually open it. These snaps are designed to stay closed at all times as the plug eye is threaded onto the snap.

Each package contains 10 Gamakatsu Tournament Snaps.


Gamakatsu Tournament Snap
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Customer Reviews
Very good, but takes a bit of practice
Pros: small, easy to use when you get the hang of it, very strong for size
Cons: difficult to see in low light
Comments: I think this snap has the best combination of small size, strength, and action of lure of any snap I have used. However, it does require a small eye. Also, it's not easy in low light unless you have memorized the layout of the snap: With the bigger end to the right, and the smoother edge on bottom, the 'hook' for the lure's eye is facing you. Also, be careful not to open it when you put the lure on. If it doesn't go on easy, and you've struggled a little with it, be sure to check and make sure it didn't open on you.
United States
 Gamakatsu Tournament Snap
Pros: super strong
Cons: tough to slip lures on
Comments: Solid strong snap . The slide on option is a nice , but you need to have a small diameter eyelet to slip on. They are super strong for there size.
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