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Gamakatsu 4X Strong Treble Hooks are forged for exceptional strength and built strong enough to withstand the pressure from the toughest fish. These trebles are equally sharp with barbed points and immediately ready for action!

Gamakatsu hooks are known around the world for performance, durability and reliability. These hooks are made from high quality, high carbon steel specifically made for the demands that a fishing hook can endure.

Features of the Gamakatsu 4X Strong Treble Hooks include:

  • 4x strong
  • NS Black finish
  • High carbon steel construction
  • Forged
  • Barb

Gamakatsu 4X Strong Treble Hook
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Strong (4)
tough (3)
sharp (2)
too strong (2)
Best Uses
heavier lines (2)

Works great and strong
Puerto Rico
About Me:
I put in bait fishing for big snooks
Pros: Strong, tough
Cons: too strong
Best Uses: lures
Strong Hook
Washington State
About Me:
This hook is a little stronger then I wanted, it would be good for bigger fish.
Pros: Strong, tough
Cons: too strong
Best Uses: heavier lines
Works great and strong
Lower Alabama
About Me:
Avid Fisher
I bought these 5/0 4x treble hooks with the expressed purpose of using for an alligator hunt here in Lower Alabama. They were perfectly weighted to cast with a spinning rod that I normally use for redfish. They were sharp, strong, and tough. I was able to cast on a gator at 75 yards, hook it and and hold on for about 20 minutes until it was close enough to harpoon. Because of these hooks I was able to fill my tag. Not sure what else I'll use them for, but they served their intended purpose and served it well.
Pros: Strong, sharp, tough
Cons: none
Best Uses: none
4X strong Gamakatsu
Western, MA
About Me:
They are definitely strong, AND SHARP!!! After having numerous bent hooks come back on my jerk baits during a recent striped bass outing, I removed the factory treble hooks on my believe it or not, high end lures. I won't name them, but they start at $18. I replaced all of the trebles with the Gamakatsu 4x strong, size 4 hooks. Next outing, didn't have a problem with hook failure anymore, but... did end up in the ER as a result of putting a hook into my index finger while trying to remove the lure from a striper. They work, they are strong, and they are SHARP! Be certain to have a quality pair of pliers handy and a quality fish grip tool too. Following my visit to the ER, we returned to the water, as cautious as could be. An hour back onto the water, my buddy put a hook into the side of his hand. We couldn't dare show our faces at the hospital again, so he opted to remove it himself. Did I say they are sharp?
Pros: Sharp, Strong
Cons: Pricey
Best Uses: None Specified
Sharp and strong
Southern California
About Me:
Lure maker
The fishermen that use my swimbaits require a hook that will not fail. Whether it's a 40lb striper or a double digit largemouth, they can count on these hooks to get the job done.
Pros: stong, sharp, strong
Cons: more expensive
Best Uses: stripers, big bass, heavier lines, swimbaits, trophy LMB
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