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G. Loomis Saltwater Live Bait Spinning Rods

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Item #: F110450030

G. Loomis Saltwater Live Bait Spinning Rods are an extension of the popping rod series in spinning. These rods are designed to fish the waters in between the flats, the open ocean, bays, lagoons, shallow ledges and cuts. If you're looking for a rod that will fish a little deeper water, handle heavier line and catch a little bigger fish, these are just what you are looking for.

Saltwater Live Bait Spinning Rods are extremely versatile. Whether you're tossing pinfish for tarpon or dropping jigs around shallow wrecks for small grouper, you'll find these rods surprisingly powerful and as tough as any rod G. Loomis makes. These rods are both 7-footers and designed to hold fish lures up to two ounces and line up to 20-pound test. These rods cast plugs, leadheads or live-bait and give you all the power you need to succeed. Both come with cork grips and a graphite barreled reel seat. Surprisingly light for all this power, they'll give you a lifetime of fishing fun and excitement.

G. Loomis Saltwater Live Bait Spinning Rods are made in the U.S.A.


G. Loomis Saltwater Live Bait Spinning Rods
LR 842S GL27' 0"MediumMod. Fast8 - 173/8 - 11/231/281/41Saltwater
LR 844S GL27' 0"Med. HeavyMod. Fast10 - 203/8 - 21/431/281/41Saltwater
Specific Rod Details

LR 842S GL2 - A medium-power light saltwater spinning rod for fishing the flats and bays where you may encounter a little more cover or larger fish than your trusty old popping rod can handle. This rod is strong enough to turn a big fish without overpowering the angler. It's a great choice for 14-17 pound test line for permit, snook or snapper. It may be best described as a heavy-duty popping rod.

LR 844S GL2 - This is the 20-pound rod, designed to fish live bait, but it will handle a jig or a Mirror Lure just fine. A great choice for tarpon, medium-sized grouper and any other critter you may encounter when you spend a day fishing that area just beyond the flats. A great light-duty wreck rod, it is unbelievably powerful. When the big Cobia or AJ's start chasing those small snappers you're hooking, this rod will tame them in a hurry! It has oversized guides to handle heavier line and larger knots and has a stiff tip to handle lures up to two ounces.

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