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G. Loomis E6X Bass Casting Rods
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G. Loomis E6X Bass Casting Rods
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G. Loomis E6X Bass Casting Rods

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Item #: F120450066

G. Loomis E6X Bass Casting Rods utilize multi-taper technology to offer perfect balance and precise actions for bass fishing applications. These rods provide the ultimate in performance and value with blanks that are light and sensitive, yet powerful. E6X blanks are made of high-performing materials designed to reduce weight and provide greater strength. These bass rods are built with quality components, including split grip handles with cork grips, Fuji reel seats, and Fuji guides. G. Loomis E6X Bass Casting Rods were made with techniques specifically for bass fishing anglers, but the actions and lengths are great for walleye, pike, striper, and other gamefish as well.

Features of G. Loomis E6X Bass Casting Rods include:

  • Multi-taper Blank Technology
  • Fuji aluminum oxide guides
  • Fuji reel seats
  • Technique-specific models

G. Loomis E6X Bass Casting Rods are made in the U.S.A.


E6X 803C JWR
Jig & Worm
6' 8"A1Med. HeavyX-Fast12 - 163/16 - 5/81.258.625
E6X 852C JWR
Jig & Worm
7' 1"B1MediumX-Fast10 - 141/8 - 3/81.258.625
E6X 853C JWR
Jig & Worm
7' 1"B1Med. HeavyX-Fast12 - 163/16 - 5/81.258.625
E6X 854C JWR
Jig & Worm
7' 1"B1HeavyFast14 - 203/16 - 5/81.258.625
E6X 893C JWR
Jig & Worm
7' 5"B1Med. HeavyX-Fast12 - 163/16 - 5/81.258.625
E6X 894C JWR
Jig & Worm
7' 5"B1HeavyFast14 - 203/16 - 5/81.258.625
E6X 894C FPR
7' 5"C1HeavyFast17 - 251/4 - 11/42.510
E6X 884C SWB
7' 4"D1HeavyMod. Fast12 - 251/2 - 21.2510
E6X 843C CBR
7' 0"D1MediumMod. Fast8 - 141/4 - 5/81.258.25
E6X 845C CBR
7' 0"D1Med. HeavyMod. Fast10 - 203/8 - 11.258.25
E6X 847C CBR
7' 0"C1HeavyMod. Fast12 - 251/2 - 13/81.2510
E6X 812C SBR
6' 9"A1MediumX-Fast10 - 173/8 - 1/21.259.25
E6X 782C MBR
Mag Bass
6' 6"F1MediumFast8 - 141/4 - 5/81.258.5
E6X 783C MBR
Mag Bass
6' 6"F1Med. HeavyFast10 - 171/4 - 3/41.258.5
E6X 843C MBR
Mag Bass
7' 0"F1Med. HeavyFast10 - 171/4 - 3/41.259.5
E6X 903C MBR
Mag Bass
7' 0"F1Med. HeavyFast10 - 171/4 - 3/41.259.5
E6X 844C MBR
Mag Bass
7' 0"F1HeavyFast12 - 201/4 - 11.259.5
E6X 904C FSR
Flipping Stick
7' 6"E1HeavyFast10 - 171/4 - 11/42.510.25

G. Loomis E6X Bass Casting Rods
AHandle A
BHandle B
CHandle C
DHandle D
EHandle E
FHandle F
Specific Rod Details

E6X 803C JWR - Probably one of the best all-around bass rods, this 3 power beauty is extremely versatile. While it's designed for casting jigs and worms, but if you're looking for just one rod to do a lot of different things, you can fish a spinnerbait or topwater with it as well. At 6' 8", it's a great rod for fishing in close quarters. It has an extra fast taper that provides excellent line and lure control, making it very accurate. E6X makes it surprisingly powerful for a rod so light and you'll really appreciate the sensitivity.

E6X 852C JWR - A light, yet powerful, 7' 1" jig and worm rod designed for fishing smaller baits and lighter line in deep, clear lakes where the fish are a little more finnicky. Because of the lighter tip and the magnum butt-section it makes a great buzz bait rod. It will cast an unweighted soft plastic jerkbait a country mile. When the water is clear, the fish are spooky and you need to back off to be successful, this is the right rod! E6X makes it light, sensitive and sneaky powerful.

E6X 853C JWR - The do it all, medium-heavy casting rod designed to fish medium-sized soft plastics, soft-plastic jerkbaits, 1/4 to 1/2 ounce jigs and even big topwaters. The extra length (7' 1") increases tip-speed, which in turn, extends your casting range, helps you recover line quicker and is a big help with hooksets. A great alternative for fishing 4 - 5 inch hollow belly swimbaits., and also just a great all around casting rod.

E6X 854C JWR - Our power pitching stick designed for fishing in and around brush, weeds and other heavy cover. It will handle big jigs and big worms in areas where you need to move fish away from trouble in a hurry. Excellent in deep-water applications where the extra length helps you move a lot of line with a swing of the rod tip. Whether a big bucketmouth heads for a bush in 25 feet of water or a blow down on the bank, this rod will stop him...quickly! E6X makes it light and sensitive - something you've come to expect from G. Loomis.

E6X 893C JWR - An extremely good medium-heavy jig & worm rod for areas where longer casts and positive hooksets are paramount for success. The extra length (7' 5") provides an incredible combination of tip-speed and magnum power in the lower half of the rod...a huge advantage when trying to keep fish out of trouble. When you set the hook with this rod you move an incredible mount of line. E6X allows us to make it light and sensitive. A great all-around deep-water bass rod!

E6X 894C JWR - If you are fishing deep water in heavy cover for big bass, this rod you want. At 7' 5" that extra length creates a longer-wider rod sweep that not only increases the tip speed for longer casts, but it also moves a lot of line when you set the hook and that is a big advantage when you're trying to keep those big bass out of the deep junk. It's almost like a flipping stick with exceptional castability! E6X makes it light, sensitive and strong!

E6X 894C FPR - A great all-around flip/punch stick. It’s powerful enough to manage big fish in heavy cover and thanks to E6X technology, lighter than you might expect. It's a well-balanced 20 pound rod designed for fishing back in the brush and roots where the big bass hide. Whether you fish a jig or a soft-plastic critter you'll enjoy fishing this rod all day because it's G. Loomis light, sneaky powerful and very sensitive! You'll enjoy total control in tight quarters, thick brush or matted vegetation. It's just what every power angler needs in their quiver.

E6X 884C SWR - Don’t let the medium light power rating fool you. This may well be our best all around swimbait rod. It’s designed to fish the smaller 4 - 7 inch soft, hollow belly swimbaits like Strike King’s Shadalicous, the Basstrix and Yum’s Money Minnow. It has a powerful butt-section for extra-long casts and excellent hook-setting power. The tip is very responsive, but not too light. You can feel every wiggle of a swimbait’s tail and you can feel even the lightest strike. Works well for any species that will eat a swimbait, including stripers and pike.

E6X 843C CBR - A 7’ 0" one piece rod designed to throw small to medium-sized crankbaits. It’s a great choice for square bills and will handle big bass, yet it's light enough to fish all day long with minimal fatigue, providing maximum accuracy and control. E6X technology allow us to make it soft enough for the bass to engulf the bait with plenty of reserve power to bring that fish-of-a-lifetime to your boat!

E6X 845C CBR - Just the ticket for fishing medium-sized, deep-diving crankbaits. It’s extremely light, will cast a crankbait a country mile and so responsive you'll wonder how we do it. It's designed with a soft flex to allow your bait to work properly and absorb any move the fish makes. It's a great, long-distance casting rod for throwing lipless baits and is surprisingly powerful.

E6X 847C CBR - When conditions dictate large deep-diving crankbaits like a 6XD or DD22, this is a rod you’ll really appreciate. It's an excellent choice for fishing the grass and over humps in deepwater situations. It will handle lipless cranks as well as any rod we make and talk about long-distance casts...this is it!! E6X technology makes it light and powerful, yet still has that soft crankbait flex to let the bait give you maximum performance and maximum hook ups!

E6X 812C SBR - Our best all-around spinnerbait action, this 6' 9" beauty is designed to fish the heart of the spinnerbait range...3/8 to 1/2 ounces, and will handle virtually every style of blade bait. It offers a nice combination of power and flex...not too stiff, not too soft. Short casts, long casts, under cover, over doesn’t matter. You’ll be able to see the blades work by watching the tip. It's got all the right stuff and E6X technology helps us make it extremely light and incredibly sensitive! The best of the best in a spinnerbait rod!

E6X 782C MBR – This is a fast action, magnum taper, 6' 6" bass casting rod for fishing small jigs, worms and spinnerbaits in more open water applications. The tip is light with a medium heavy butt section and loads easily, so you can cast small baits effectively and accurately. It excels in clear water, where light line and small lures are the rule. Effective for a variety of baits and techniques, the 782C is designed for fishing around the edges of docks, weed edges and rocks. E6X makes it light to the touch, sneaky powerful and very sensitive.

E6X 783C MBR – A great option for fishing jigs and worms, as well as spinnerbaits, this 6' 6" rod was designed to fish medium-sized jigs, worms and other soft plastic baits. It’s powerful, with a nice tip, which allows for a good, solid hook set, and still has enough power to move fish away from cover. Also a great choice for soft jerkbaits, it’s one of the most versatile rods in our entire line. Talk to ten different anglers and you’ll hear ten different applications for it. E6X makes it light and sensitive and oh so memorable.

E6X 843C MBR – This is an excellent all-around jig and worm rod especially in deeper-water applications. The extra length gives you much more casting range too. Anglers have discovered its versatility for pike, walleyes, snook, redfish and other light saltwater species. It’s powerful, with a light tip providing plenty of power to move fish away from cover. It's got just the right tip flex and power in the lower half for effectively fishing soft jerkbaits. A great value for the price and the performance. E6X makes it light, powerful and very sensitive!

E6X 903C MBR - This is a noticeably longer version of our most popular bass casting rod. The extra length gives you far more casting range, more powerful hooksets and positive line/lure control in deep water. It’s sneaky powerful, with a nice, responsive tip-section, making it a great choice for fishing soft jerkbaits. E6X makes it light, powerful, dependable and very sensitive just like it's little brother - the 843! Performance and value...a great combination!

E6X 844C MBR - A popular heavy-duty jig rod over the years, the 844 has everything you want in a power rod. The butt section puts a lot of pressure on even the biggest lunker and a stiff tip lets you fish larger, heavier baits with confidence! It's designed to fish big jigs, large worms and big creature baits, but it's versatile enough to slow-roll oversized spinnerbaits and versatile enough to fish small to medium-sized hollow-belly swimbaits. E6X makes it light, sensitive and super strong, giving you the advantage when it's time to give that big bass the "no treatment"!

E6X 904C FSR - Modeled after G. Loomis' very first flipping stick, this is an extremely versatile rod. Anglers will use it to throw heavy Carolina-rigs, slow-roll oversize spinnerbaits, and muscle largemouths out of deepwater weed beds, but the bottom line's a Flipping Stick - an extraordinary one at that! E6X gives you incredible power and strength for such a lightweight rod, along with durability and our legendary G. Loomis sensitivity!

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