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G. Loomis Walleye Spinning Rods Handles
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G. Loomis Walleye Spinning Rods

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Item #: F11045101

G. Loomis Walleye Spinning Rods are the most accurate, high performance, technique-specific walleye rods money can buy. Now, thanks to the input received from tournament anglers, guides and pro staffers, G. Loomis has made an already popular and effective series of technique-specific rods even better.

Walleye Spinning Rods are all about performance. Over the years, some of the techniques have changed, fisheries have changed and anglers have adjusted, so G. Loomis totally redesigning the entire selection of walleye rods, improving the actions with even more precise tapers and length adjustments to cover the most technical aspects of the fishery, especially where light weight and sensitivity are an important factor for success.

G. Loomis Walleye Spinning Rods are made in the U.S.A.


G. Loomis Walleye Spinning Rods
WJR751S6' 3"Mag LightX-Fast6 - 101/16 - 5/161A
WJR751S GLX6' 3"Mag LightX-Fast6 - 101/16 - 5/161B
WJR752S6' 3"MediumFast6 - 121/8 - 3/81A
WJR752S GLX6' 3"MediumFast6 - 121/8 - 3/81B
WPJR821S6' 10"Mag LightX-Fast6 - 101/16 - 5/161A
WPJR821S GLX6' 10"Mag LightX-Fast6 - 101/16 - 5/161B
WPJR822S6' 10"MediumFast6 - 121/8 - 3/81A
WPJR822S GLX6' 10"MediumFast6 - 121/8 - 3/81B
WRR8500S7' 1"LightX-Fast6 - 121/4 - 1/21A
WRR8500S GLX7' 1"LightX-Fast6 - 121/4 - 1/21B
WRR8501S7' 1"Med. LightFast8 - 143/8 - 5/81A
WRR8501S GLX7' 1"Med. LightFast8 - 143/8 - 5/81B
WRR9000S7' 6"LightX-Fast6 - 121/4 - 1/21A
WRR9000S GLX7' 6"LightX-Fast6 - 121/4 - 1/21B

G. Loomis Walleye Spinning Rods
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Specific Rod Details

WJR751S & WJR751S GLX - These rods are designed for vertical jigging where precise lure control and presentation is critical. The guides are downsized because casting is not required. The blank is an inch longer to soften the tip just a bit. It's a subtle change, but it can make a big difference when a fish makes a last minute lunge away from the net and it will help protect lighter lines when conditions warrant it.

WJR752S & WJR752S GLX - These rods have a little more power for slightly heavier jigs and heavier line. The guides are downsized because casting is not required, but it will cast just fine if necessary. They are basically 10-pound line rods, but will handle 8-pound, no problem. The extra inch in the blanks gives you a little better control around your motor and provides a little more power for bigger walleyes.

WPJR821S & WPJR821S GLX - These jig rods are made longer for casting rather than vertical applications. The extra length increases casting range and provides more positive hooksets in deep water. The guides, unlike the vertical jig rods, are standard size for increased distance and accuracy. These rods are designed with a soft tip for fishing lighter line. When the bite is light and the fish seem tentative, you'll have a distinct advantage.

WPJR822S & WPJR822S GLX - These 2-power, 6' 10" jig rods are designed for precision pitching to visible targets and are very effective when you need a little more weight to maintain contact with the bottom in deeper water or current. The guides are larger than the vertical jig rods for casting accuracy and control. The extra power is nice for when you hook into bigger fish.

WRR8500S & WRR8500S GLX - These rods are designed for light bait rigs and blades when you need to downsize because of a tough bite. The extra-fast actions give you extreme tip sensitivity and powerful butt-sections for fighting oversized surprises. When the walleye get spooky and hard to catch, you will appreciate the light tips, so you can see as well as feel the strike.

WRR8501S & WRR8501S GLX - As you move to deeper water and go to heavier line and bigger blade rigs, these rods have enough extra power to do the job, but the tips are still soft enough to telegraph even the lightest strike. They are light and forgiving so that the fish will feel very little resistance. The powerful butt-sections provide consistent lure control and fish-fighting ability.

WRR9000S & WRR9000S GLX - These are G. Loomis's longest, most dynamic rig rods and are excellent for deep-water applications. These rods have the power, control and sensitivity required to be successful. The tips are very fast and allow you to feel as well as see the strike and the fish won't even know you're there. They are an excellent choice for fishing big water. You'll discover you can use these extremely versatile spinning rods for many different fishing applications.

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