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Handle: G. Loomis VersaSpey Two-Handed (Spey) Rods Handle A
Handle: G. Loomis VersaSpey Two-Handed (Spey) Rods Handle B
G. Loomis VersaSpey Two-Handed (Spey) Rods Handles
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Handle: G. Loomis VersaSpey Two-Handed (Spey) Rods Handle A
Handle: G. Loomis VersaSpey Two-Handed (Spey) Rods Handle B
G. Loomis VersaSpey Two-Handed (Spey) Rods Handles

G. Loomis VersaSpey TwoHanded Spey Rods

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Item #: F13045061
This product is no longer available.

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G. Loomis VersaSpey Two-Handed (Spey) Rods use G. Loomis's "fiber-blend" technology along with moderately priced components for a new range of two-hand fly rods designed specifically for the salmon/steelhead enthusiast. G. Loomis's goal was to create a high performance/high value selection of two-hand fly rods that, just by changing the fly line, allows you to perform all the popular casting styles, depending on what line you choose. The VersaSpey design turned out fantastic, far better than G. Loomis's expectations.

VersaSpey Two-Handed (Spey) Rods feature dual fly line-ratings as well as the physical weight-ratings in grains to help you select the right balance. For floating lines with short, mid- and long-belly integrated lines, use the dual weight line listed for the rod. When using Scandinavian and Skagit shooting lines (sink-tips not included) use the grain-weight for reference. There are five models ranging in length from 12' 6" to 13' 6". They are all well suited for short/compact shooting heads, yet are capable of handling full, long belly fly lines. These rods have a beautiful reddish bronze finish, dark bronze aluminum reel seats, sporting the skeleton fish logo along with Hopkins & Holloway stripper guides and chromed snake guides. Each VersaSpey rod comes in a soft, protective rod sock and travel case.


FR1505/6-412'6"MediumMod. Fast5/6 wt.
FR1566/7-413'0"MediumMod. Fast6/7 wt.
FR1567/8-413'0"MediumMod. Fast7/8 wt.
FR1628/9-413'6"MediumMod. Fast8/9 wt.
FR1629/10-413'6"MediumMod. Fast9/10 wt.
Specific Rod Details

FR1505/6-4 - A light-duty two-hand rod for big trout and small steelhead like those aggressive little "half-pounders" on Oregon's Rogue River and Northern California's Klamath River. Designed to fish light lines on smaller rivers where the water is clear and the fish get spooky. It gives you excellent short-range line control for mending and it handles long leaders and small to medium flies well. It is a great option for fishing small coastal streams and the brush-lined rivers of the Great Lakes region.

FR1566/7-4 - This 13-footer is an excellent choice for fishing small salmon and summer-run steelhead, especially where you need a little more distance. Where this rod really shines is on the big western rivers like Oregon's Deschutes. It's a great rod because it's so "versatile" and can cover any fishing conditions you may encounter during the day. It fishes medium-sized flies and has an extremely light feel and swing weight.

FR1567/8-4 - Here's a great all around salmon and steelhead two-hand rod. Perfect for large steelhead, silver salmon and atlantic salmon. It gives you incredible distance and positive mending control. It will handle medium to large flies, even in high wind such as anglers encounter on Argentina's Rio Grande. It's a killer stick on the western rivers of Alaska as well as British Columbia.

FR1628/9-4 - When the rivers as well as the fish start getting bigger and you need more distance and better line control, this would be a good choice. It has a medium-fast taper and the power to pick a lot of line off the water, with long belly lines. It handles 550 grain Skagit tapers with heavy sink-tips and big weighted flies. It's for fishing in nasty, windy, "I wanna go home" conditions, but you won't with this rod in your hand.

FR1629/10-4 - This is the "F-350" of spey rods. You can keep loading it with bigger lines and bigger flies and it'll keep on going. It's designed to cast the largest flies for salmon and big steelhead effortlessly. It will help you reach those happy fish on the far bank. When the conditions get tough, whether it's high water or wind, this rod will make your job a lot easier. It would be a great choice for casting to stripers with big flies in the surf.

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