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G. Loomis Bass Swimbait Rods

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Item #: F12045381

G. Loomis Bass Swimbait Rods are designed to fish soft and hard plastic swimbaits. G. Loomis made the rear grips of these rods extra long so you can tuck the rod butt under your arm rather than having it jab you in the ribs. The extra length also provides leverage to improve casting distance and control, not to mention handling the big bass you’ll be catching. Don’t forget the net!

Big swimbaits mean big bass - two very good reasons why G. Loomis developed this line of swimbait rods. There are guys out there that have devoted their lives to pursuing double-digit monster bass. G. Loomis teamed up with these anglers, learned from their experiences, shared their secrets and digested what they expect from the ultimate in a swimbait rod. These rods are the result and they cover the gamut of baits styles and sizes.


G. Loomis Bass Swimbait Rods
SWBR 9047' 6"MediumMod. Fast12 - 251/2 - 31
SWBR 9537' 11"Med. LightMod. Fast10 - 201/2 - 21
SWBR 9557' 11"Med. HeavyMod. Fast15 - 302 - 61
SWBR 9567' 11"HeavyMod. Fast25 - 453 - 81
SWBR 9577' 11"Extra HeavyMod. Fast25 - 604 - 101
Specific Rod Details

SWBR904 - A slightly shorter swimbait rod designed primarily for the smaller baits and open water applications. It’s really light, but you won’t believe the power it generates. It is extremely sensitive and casts those smaller sized baits a "country mile". The real test is when you hook a monster and that’s when this rod really shines.

SWBR953 - Don’t let the "medium-light" power-rating fool you. This may well be our best all around swimbait rod. It’s designed to fish the smaller 4-7" soft, hollow belly swimbaits like Strike King’s Shadalicous. It has a powerful butt-section for extra-long casts and excellent hook-setting power. The tip is very responsive, but not too light. You can feel every wiggle of a swimbait’s tail and you can feel even the lightest strike. Works well for any species that will eat a swimbait, including stripers and pike.

SWBR955 - Now you’re starting to get into the serious big fish swimbait rods. Designed to handle the mid to larger sized swimbaits, this rod has plenty of power in the butt-section with a medium stiff tip to help launch the larger soft baits and small to medium-sized hard baits. Capable of covering a lot of water, it still has enough power to set the hook if a bass hits at the end of a long cast.

SWBR956 - As you get into the true big bass swimbaits for those oversized Florida largemouths, this rod is a great choice. It has more than enough power to handle fairly large baits and sufficient backbone to set the hook, handle the fish and keep them hooked. A true missile launcher, this rod will allow you to set back, well off the points and present the bait as required. Deep water is not a problem with this rod and it’s surprisingly light for the power.

SWBR957 - When you are targeting giant largemouths in those fertile California lakes, you need a rod that will not only get the bait to the fish, but get the fish to the boat. There are a lot of nice feeling swimbait rods out there, but when it’s monster time, this rod will get the job done, every time! It’s got more than enough power to handle even the biggest bass and it’s capable of launching giant swimbaits with total confidence and control. It’s light enough to fish all day and tough enough to last a lifetime!

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