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G. Loomis Stinger GLX Two-Handed (Spey) Rods

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Item #: F13045021
The Scandinavian style of two-hand casting was developed in the 1960's. Anglers schooled on the famous salmon and seatrout rivers of Norway and Sweden cast shooting tapers, floating or intermediate shooting heads of 30-45 feet, with mono running line. Instead of holding a fixed length of line as in traditional casting, anglers shoot the entire line in one stroke. This technique uses a much shorter, faster stroke with more emphasis on the lower hand during the cast, sometimes referred to as the "underhand" style.

G. Loomis Stinger GLX Two-Handed (Spey) Rods series was originally designed as 3-piece rods, but has been redesigned in 4-piece for improved transportability. G. Loomis also renamed the Stinger GLX. The rod actions remain fast and powerful to help casters create narrow, aerodynamic loops using the underhand dominated casting stroke. Their fast tapers allow you to make overhead casts as long as there is sufficient room for a back cast like on a gravel bar, generating incredible line speed for unbelievable distance - something you might consider for casting from the beach for saltwater species.

Because the physical weight of the line reflects the true rating for each rod, G. Loomis has converted the traditional line-size system to grains and grams for a more universal rating convention. Stinger GLX rods feature Recoil guides, the best species-cork available and G. Loomis's exclusive "yin yang" machined reel seat with ivory-style insert and scrimshaw spey fly graphic. The handle shape has been refined, using a slim diameter, extended full-wells profile with a small composite cork butt-cap, giving it a nice finished look as well as providing durability.

G. Loomis Stinger GLX Two-Handed (Spey) Rods feature GLX graphite blanks and come complete with a rod sock and travel case.


FR150-412'6"Med. StiffFast28g
FR156-413'0"Med. StiffFast32g
FR162-413'6"Med. StiffFast36g
FR181-415'1"Med. StiffFast45g
Specific Rod Details

FR150-4 - A surprisingly powerful 12' 6" two-hand rod that handles smaller flies on lighter lines. Under G. Loomis's old line rating system this would be a 7/8, but since most of the heads anglers use for the Scandinavian style, are based on the physical line weight, they refer to them in grams for Europe and grains for North America. It's designed to fish smaller rivers where distance isn't the primary objective, but don't let that fool you. It will handle big fish and big water just fine. Searun browns, steelhead and smaller salmon in the 8-20-pound range are where this rod really shines.

FR156-4 - A crisp casting 13-footer that, under G. Loomis's old rating system would be an 8/9. It's designed to cast short heads Scandi-style, but is very capable of handling a wide variety of casting styles with the proper lines. It's a great all-purpose rod for salmon and steelhead, giving you a little more distance with larger flies, even in the wind.

FR162-4 - Naturally, as the rods get longer, casting distance increases and this rod is no exception. It will handle heavier, longer heads and has no problem turning over big flies. It's a great rod for fishing winter steelhead, fall salmon or any of the great Nordic rivers for Atlantic salmon. As with all Stinger Series rods, this rod is rated in grams for Europe and grains for the North American market. Under G. Loomis's old system this would be rated as a 9/10. This is G. Loomis's best all around power fly rod for fishing the swift deep runs anadromous species call home.

FR181-4 - Now we're at the top of the two-hand food chain. This is the mega monster two-hand rod capable of handling long heads of up to 45' and those large, air-resistant tube flies used in the big rivers of Norway, Finland and Sweden. It's made to handle the biggest salmon on the planet! With no natural enemies like heavy wind or high water, this rod will get the job done where a lesser rod will make line management a lot of work. Excellent line control for big mends in the fast runs where the big fish hold make this our top choice for large rivers and their most demanding "part-time" residents.

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