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When you need to nail a drift against the other bank, you need distance. When you need to stick it in the foam to get the right line, you need accuracy. When you need to do it all day long, you need less weight. When it's all paid off with a bite you might never feel, you need sensitivity.

G. Loomis Steelhead Series Spinning Rods bring it all. These rods are lighter, more sensitive, the actions are faster than we've ever offered in a steelhead rod and they're longer for greater distance and line control. They're capped with super durable composite cork butt ends which are quiet in a boat, and rib cage friendly. All this and a stunning new finish and you've got rods from the ultimate steelheaders arsenal.

Steelhead Series Spinning Rods feature blended graphite construction with an olive green/gray finish.


STR982S8' 2"LightModerate6-101/4-1/22A
STR1044S8' 8"Med. LightFast8-123/8-3/42A
STR1045S8' 8"Med. HeavyFast8-173/8-12A
STR1161S9' 8"Ultra LightSlow4-81/16-3/82A
STR1162S9' 8"LightModerate6-101/4-1/22A
STR1163S9' 8"Med. LightFast6-123/8-3/42A
STR1163S-SK9' 8"Med. LightFast6-123/8-3/42B

AHandle A
BHandle B
Specific Rod Details

STR982S - When you're pursuing summer run steelhead in tight quarters of coastal rivers and small streams, the shorter, light-action of the 982S is ideal. It effortlessly casts light drift baits and corkies with the minimum weight needed to work low clear drifts and pools. It also provides a little less to deal with if you're fishing from a tube or pontoon boat.

STR1044S - Our new best all-around steelhead rod may be the most accurate description for this rod. This is a great choice for fishing small to medium-sized rivers. A surprisingly strong rod that casts with precision and provides the strength to work the fish, even when some brute suddenly decides to spend one more year in the salt.

STR1045S - With a little more backbone to throw heavy spoons and spinners from the bank, the 1045 is a great high-water, winter steelheader. With sufficient power to move big fish, it's not only a good choice for larger winter run steelies in swift currents, but works well for smaller salmon like silvers and chums.

STR1161S - Very thin, clear water can lead to easily spooked fish which is when this rod shines. The extra length of this light-line drift rod allows you to achieve greater distance while the softness of the rod allows you to do it with the line as light as 4 pounds. The 1161 is a "soft rod", but it offers enough stiffness and power in the butt section to gain total control of the most aggressive summer run chromers.

STR1162S - The 1162 offers the stiffness and strength to tackle the big water, and the action to fish a light line and small bait when the water drops. When water conditions are perfect, steelhead are challenging. When water fluctuates as it does in spring and late winter the challenge is even greater. The moderate action and light power will handle all but the largest rivers and the biggest fish.

STR1163S - This is the most powerful spinning rod in the steelhead lineup. It will allow you to cover any big river under just about any condition with traditional techniques, and if you need to you can drop down to the lighter baits and spinners. Great for silvers, chums, sockeye and even a small chinook in case you happen to stumble across one.

STR1163S-SK - This rod has the same characteristics as the STR1163S with the addition of a skamania/michigan style handle.

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Customer Reviews
Atlanta, GA
 Not worth the hype.
Pros: Accurate Casting, Easy To Transport, Good Tip Action
Cons: Poor Construction, Breaks Easily
Best Uses: Large Fish, River Fishing
Comments: It broke on the 2nd day I used it, while Steelhead fishing in Alaska. Thank goodness I had my St. Croix!
Choung rhee
Seattle, wa
 I would buy this product again.
Pros: Sensitive
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: This rod is a right gear I was looking for .
Professional Angler
 excellent rods
Pros: Good Tip Action, Sensitive, Flexible
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: i use this rod for freedrifting the rivers in wa.state.they are everything g.loomis claims them to be.very impressed with the rods.
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