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G. Loomis Steelhead Series Casting Rods

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Item #: F14045391
This product is no longer available.

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When you need to nail a drift against the other bank, you need distance. When you need to stick it in the foam to get the right line, you need accuracy. When you need to do it all day long, you need less weight. When it's all paid off with a bite you might never feel, you need sensitivity.

G. Loomis Steelhead Series Casting Rods bring it all. These rods are lighter, more sensitive, the actions are faster than we've ever offered in a steelhead rod and they're longer for greater distance and line control. They're capped with super durable composite cork butt ends which are quiet in a boat, and rib cage friendly. All this and a stunning new finish and you've got rods from the ultimate steelheaders arsenal.

Steelhead Series Casting Rods feature blended graphite construction with an olive green finish.


STR980C8' 2"Mag MediumX-Fast8-151/4-5/81
STR1045C8' 8"Med. HeavyFast8-173/8-12
STR1063C8' 10"Med. LightFast6-123/8-3/41
STR1104C9' 2"Med. LightFast8-123/8-3/42
STR1163C9' 8"Med. LightModerate6-123/8-3/42
STR1165C9' 8"Med. HeavyFast8-173/8-12
Specific Rod Details

STR980C - With the compact muscle needed to move big fish and get them in, this is a drift boat captain's dream. Designed to handle small plugs, divers and bait. The extra fast action transmits every movement almost eliminating missed strikes, while providing the hook setting power to stick em' when the time comes.

STR1045C - This rod is great to have on your side when doing battle in the swifter, colder currents of winter. It's a great casting rod that can handle heavier baits when the conditions require you to go big. The casting version of the 1045, like the spinning, provides the power to take on the largest winter runs, along with all but the largest salmon.

STR1063C - This long one-piece rod is the perfect boat rod for side drifting small baits and eggs in almost any water condition. The length allows for accurate casting and easy line mending enabling you to get your bait in the zone and keep it there. It also handles soft plugging and small divers when you need to switch over.

STR1104C - When the conditions require long leaders and light weights the finesse of this rod can handle it. When the conditions require you to step up to heavier gear the power of this rod can handle it. This versatility makes this an especially great rod for the medium size rivers found throughout the Pacific Northwest.

STR1163C - The big rivers and big fish of Northern Washington and British Columbia require the extra length to thoroughly cover the water. From traditional drift fishing techniques to float fishing jigs, this rod can cast, mend and provide the fish handling needed to handle every situation.

STR1165C - The long bank rod that has casting, hook setting, line mending and fish handling all wrapped up in one package. Excels at drift fishing, but also casts jigs and floats with ease. When it comes to moving big fish, this rod puts you in total command right from the strike.

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