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G. Loomis Spinnerbait Casting Rods

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Item #: F12045031

G. Loomis Spinnerbait Casting Rods are designed specifically to fish blades like they're meant to be fished, with power-ratings varying from light to heavy and lengths from 6' 3" all the way up to 7' 2". Extra-fast tips give you the ability to snap casts in and around all types of cover, with an extremely powerful butt section to keep even the biggest bass away from trouble. Add to that a quick, responsive action and sensitivity that helps you feel every rock, blade of grass, or limb you're likely to encounter.

Spinnerbait Casting Rods include Fuji Alconite guides and "blank through" Fuji ESC reel seats, combined with rear grip lengths to make them both comfortable and efficient. These rods are finished in a deep red with dark contrasting wraps. Imagine a rod so perfect for spinnerbaits that you won't want to put it down.


G. Loomis Spinnerbait Casting Rods
SBR751C6' 3"LightX-Fast8 - 121/4 - 3/81
SBR752C6' 3"MediumX-Fast10 - 173/8 - 1/21
SBR811C6' 9"LightX-Fast8 - 121/4 - 3/81
SBR812C6' 9"MediumX-Fast10 - 173/8 - 1/21
SBR813C6' 9"Med. HeavyX-Fast12 - 201/2 - 3/41
SBR864C7' 2"HeavyX-Fast12 - 253/4 - 11/21
Specific Rod Details

SBR751C - The 751C is designed to fish smaller spinnerbaits, but has more than enough power in the butt section to handle big surprises. The light tip makes it an extremely easy rod to cast and it is as accurate as they come. Single or tandem spinnerbaits up to 3/8's of an ounce give you a lot of flexibility in any water and with this rod you'll swear that you can feel every turn of the blade.

SBR752C - Here is a dynamic, all-around spinnerbait rod designed for bigger baits and larger bass. It has been rated for spinnerbaits up to 1/2 ounce, its shorter length allows you to fish in and around brush or submerged timber without fear of losing a fish. It has plenty of power to handle large fish but will not feel too overpowering on the smaller ones. The extra-fast action gives you excellent casting range as well as accuracy. The butt section locks up fast to help you move fish out of heavy cover in a hurry.

SBR811C - When you're fishing rocky ledges, outcroppings, or main lake points in clear or slightly stained water and the fish want a smaller bait, this is the rod of choice. It's extra length extends your casting range and gives you better control of your lures in deeper water. When a big fish nabs your bait, the powerful butt section locks up and says "NO!" It's a long-range, finesse angler's style of rod - smooth yet powerful, light and super sensitive.

SBR812C - This rod has been designed for deeper water and heavier cover, but it is still light enough to cast all day and not wear you out. It's powerful, casts smoothly and extremely accurately with the extra-fast tip and stiff mid-section. A longer rear cork helps provide plenty of leverage and gives you two-handed casting and fish-fighting control. When the bass move in tight, you can just go right in after them with this rod. It's a gem in deep water, but flexible enough to keep you fishing even when the fish are in the thick stuff.

SBR812 GLX/SBR813 GLX - The sensitivity these rods display is remarkable. They load and recover quickly, providing amazing accuracy. The SBR812 GLX is great for deep water presentations and heavy cover. The lightness of this GLX model will let you cast all day without wearing you out. The SBR813 GLX is great for moving large spinnerbaits in stained water when you need to get the attention of the fish. When that monster strikes, the SBR813 GLX will get the job done with power to spare.

SBR813C - Do you need a bigger blade or more bulk in the dirty water? This is the rod you'll turn to. It's got plenty of power to handle the larger baits and multi-blade systems. This rod is extremely versatile in that it can fish a bait that looks like a school of fish, can pull a ten-pounder out of heavy cover, increases your strength to hook ratio, can fish slow-rolling blades, and puts you completely in control.

SBR864C - Big, oversized spinnerbaits with big, oversized trailers need a big powerful rod, but you don't have to suffer to fish these popular new baits. This model is a powerful, long-range casting tool that will give you a good, positive hook set even on the deep shelves. Its extra-long rear cork provides maximum leverage for both casting and fish-fighting control. This rod will handle any big fish, big lure situation with ease, and it's so sensitive you'll wonder how you ever fished without it.

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