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G. Loomis Shakyhead Rods
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G. Loomis Shakyhead Rods

G. Loomis Shakyhead Rods

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Item #: F11045221

G. Loomis Shakyhead Rods are made in the U.S.A.great for shallow, deep, around docks and even when fish are on the beds. These rods may not be the go-to tactic under normal conditions, but it's highly effective when the going gets tough. When the fish are hugging the bottom in tight cover the shakyhead will get in their faces like no other technique.

G. Loomis Shakyhead Rods are made in the U.S.A.


G. Loomis Shakyhead Rods
SHR821SSpinning6' 10"Mag LightX-Fast6 - 101/16 - 1/41A
SHR822SSpinning6' 10"Mag MediumX-Fast8 - 121/8 - 5/161A
SHR822CCasting6' 10"Mag MediumX-Fast8 - 121/8 - 5/161B

G. Loomis Shakyhead Rods
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Specific Rod Details

With the SHR821S shakin the shaky worm is the key. The light tip will allow you to move your bait while the stiff butt section provides the backbone to pull them out of the thickest deep water cover. Sensitivity is the key for taking those slack line bites often encountered with this technique.

The SHR822S has great balance from tip to butt that lets you work a shakyhead downhill, allowing you to feel the lightest bites. It also allows you to handle the bite when working the bait uphill, when the fish feel their bait may be escaping. Either way, fish it deep, fish it often.

The SHR822C casting model works the same way as the SHR822S spinning rod with great balance working a shakyhead uphill or down, while the light tip allows you to feel the lightest bites.

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