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G. Loomis MossyBack Bass Senko Casting Rods are designed for senko anglers who are seeking more casting accuracy and control. Both increased due to the longer rod arc and extra length. This MossyBack model features tough Alconite guides made with a special blend of graphites. The result is an unbelievably sensitive, feather-light fishing instrument that will give you total confidence and improve your success immediately.

MOssyBack Senko Rods have a faster taper which increases accuracy by lowering casting trajectory. The power zone has been moved up on the Senko rods, making the overall rod stiffer. Loomis managed to address this without adding any weight. Numerous field testers can attest to fishing all day long, hardly remembering holding a rod in their hands.

G. Loomis MossyBack Bass Senko Casting Rods are made in the U.S.A.


G. Loomis MossyBack Bass Senko Casting Rods
BCR 893 MossyBack7' 5"Med. HeavyExtra Fast12 - 16316 - 581
BCR 864 MossyBack7' 2"HeavyFast14 - 20516 - 341
Specific Rod Details

BCR893 - Casting a soft jerkbait, weighted only by the size of hook you use, requires a very responsive rod tip. Setting the hook requires a powerful butt and mid-section for a positive lock-up, especially when the bite comes just as the bait hits the water on an extra-long cast. The advantage of this model is that it combines both these attributes superbly.

BCR864 - Not necessarily designed for larger baits, just heavier cover, this jerkbait rod is the best choice when you fish in the timber or thick vegetation. It has plenty of back-bone to for handling heavy weights, long leader rigs, and big bass in deep water. This model handles larger baits as well.

Customer Reviews
Kevin Castawy
Dracut, MA
 The greatest Rod ever
Pros: Durable, Sensitive, Good Tip Action, Flexible, Accurate Casting
Cons: Hard To Transport
Best Uses: Small Fish, Large Fish
Comments: I use it with Yamasenkons usually 4-7 inch, and its the greatest sensitivity that i have ever felt. The tip is so sensitive, that you can even feel panfish nibbling at your worm. The first time i used it, i caught 14 nice largemouths in a day, and i was usaully lucky to get 5-6. The only thing with bad with this rod is that its long, and hard to carry to places in car, in boat its fine. The paint is kind of easy to scratch off as well, even tho ive had mine for 1 year, it only has one scratch. So if you like worms, or even similar soft plastics, i would highy advise you to get it, you will not be disappointed.
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