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G. Loomis RoaringRiver Greased Line Two-Handed Rods

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Item #: F13045651
Jock Scott over a century ago wrote of Greased Line fishing as performed by A.H.E. Wood to present a fly broadside to Salmon to entice the strike. This Traditional form of spey casting maintains a relatively fixed line length of 65-100 feet allowing you to cover water without retrieving or lengthening line on each cast; keeping you less tired and more focused on your prize. These powerful designs use the full bend of the rod, flexing through the mid-section when fully loaded.

The RoaringRiver Greased Line GLX Series of two-hand rods offer the ultimate combination of power and grace in a rod and provide you perfect swing speed and fly control. For spey casts from 50 to 150' the RoaringRiver Greased Line two-hand rod series will truly allow you to fish the water "Fine and Far off."

The Greased Line GLX is crafted with G. Loomis's top of the line GLX graphite along with the finest components available today. All rods feature Hopkins and Halloway guides, exquisitely crafted Portuguese cork handles, fitted with special composite cores, end-caps and fore-grips. The exclusive offset-oval sculptured barrel reel seat features an ivory style insert engraved with a fly graphic.

All rods come with a beautiful triangular rod case with protective sock.


FR1807/8-415'0"StiffMedium7/8 wt.4
FR1688/9-414'0"StiffMedium8/9 wt.4
FR1808/9-415'0"StiffMedium8/9 wt.4
FR1809/10-415'0"StiffMod. Fast9/10 wt.4
FR18010/11-415'0"StiffMod. Fast10/11 wt.4


Specific Rod Details

FR1807/8-4 (GLX) - This is a dry fly long liner delight. It has great feel as it loads to for the D loop, with just enough butt stiffness to propel your offering 90 feet plus. At the light end of Greased Line style, this GLX rod is wonderful for smaller fish with enough power to handle a big one should it find your fly. For casters without lots of hand strength, looking for a longer rod to help get extra distance, this rod is the lightest weight 15 foot rod available. Experts may be surprised how well a #7/8 long belly line turns over and stretches for distance, even into light wind. Tremendous control of the drift is had with its 15 foot length. If you're seeking a "Far and Fine" Greased Line rod, look no further.

FR1688/9-4 (GLX) - Traditional style spey casters have long enjoyed covering water with floating lines, making long casts without retrieving after each cast. this 14 foot #8/9 is a medium/light rod within this category. It has a comfort casting zone of 65 to 85 feet, and is light enough to make playing fish in the 10lb. range a joy. The rod action is moderate, and powerful. Anglers fishing the Gaspe' Peninsula in Quebec rivers from a canoe, may find this model just the answer to cast to both sides with minimal effort. It handles casting all but the largest flies with comfort.

FR1808/9-4 (GLX) - A step up from the #7/8, the 15'0" # 8/9 provides greater wind penetration, and added distance with flies up to 3/0. With moderate progressive taper and moderate butt end power, it'll lift enough line to help form long D loops, and make casts to 90 feet consistently. Optimal using long belly floating lines, it handles short/mid belly sink tips with comfort. When using shorter bellies, increase line size by one size. This is a versatile rod for most salmonids excluding the biggest representatives in very fast water.

FR1809/10-4 (GLX) - The rod power needed to hurl a vast amount of long belly #9/10 line is like a study in torque vs horsepower of your favorite brand of V-12 engine. Power and grace exemplify the qualities of this size rod. This model can cast all fly sizes with long belly floating and sinking lines. It still has a moderate progressive taper to give you feel and a fine sense of timing the D loop. Should the opportunity present itself to overhead cast, the rod will lay it out without tailing the loop. For bigger water conditions this is the 15 foot power tool for the job.

FR18010/11-4 (GLX)-Not many 15 foot rods can carry a long belly # 10/11 at distance, with control and positive nature as this one. Not many rods do it with soul and feeling. Not many rods handle sinking lines as well as floating. This rod says yes to it all. the progressive moderate taper is ideal for fishing deep and fast water, with heavy brass tube flies and hooking into big fish. No matter the wind, this rod takes on all challengers.


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