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G. Loomis Pro Green Series Saltwater Casting Rods

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Item #: F120450022

G. Loomis Pro Green Series Saltwater Casting Rods are a special set of inshore saltwater rods created for anglers that prefer to fish small jigs, soft plastics and any number of artificial baits, including topwaters for myriad saltwater species on the flats. These rods are a great choice for blues and stripers along the Atlantic Coast as well as redfish, seatrout, permit, bonefish, snook and small tarpon in Florida and all along the Gulf coast. These rods offer a unique blend of power, light weight and sensitivity.

Pro Green Series Saltwater Casting Rods come in four power-ratings and three different rods lengths to cover a variety of water depths and conditions. The faster actions of the Pro Green Series give wading and boat anglers, alike, more positive line and lure control. Designed to create quick, accurate “snap casts” to visible targets or long prospecting casts where covering water is more important, these rods have powerful butt-sections to move big fish.

G. Loomis Pro Green Series Saltwater Casting Rods have short rear grips to optimize casting performance as well as line and lure control. No more handles getting in the way or poking you in the ribs! These rods are exceptionally light! You'll feel as energized when you're finished for the day as you were when you started.

G. Loomis Pro Green Series Saltwater Casting Rods are made in the U.S.A.


G. Loomis Pro Green Series Saltwater Casting Rods
ModelLengthPiecesPowerActionLine Wt.
Lure Wt.
Fore Grip
Rear Grip
PGR 821C6' 10"1Med. LightFast6 - 1018 - 516212814
PGR 822C6' 10"1MediumFast6 - 1218 - 38212814
PGR 823C6' 10"1Med. HeavyFast8 - 15316 - 58212814
PGR 862C7' 2"1MediumMod. Fast6 - 1214 - 12212814
PGR 863C7' 2"1Med. HeavyMod. Fast8 - 1414 - 58212814
PGR 864C7' 2"1Med. HeavyMod. Fast10 - 1714 - 34212814
PGR 881C7' 4"1Med. LightFast6 - 1018 - 516212814
PGR 882C7' 4"1MediumFast6 - 1218 - 38212814
PGR 883C7' 4"1Med. HeavyFast8 - 15316 - 58212814
PGR 884C7' 4"1HeavyFast10 - 1714 - 1212814
Specific Rod Details

PGR 821C - A nice, light casting rod designed to fish soft plastics and jigs for specks and reds in skinny water where presentation is key to success. They allow you to make very stealthy, soft-entry casts which is paramount in really shallow or super-clear water. The rear grip is short to help improve casting and lure control, especially when up to your waist in the water.

PGR 822C - A 6'10" casting rod designed for short, accurate casts on the flats. It's especially helpful when you have fish hugging the cover or small cuts and variations in the shoreline because it is very accurate and gives you excellent lure control… especially important around shoreline trees and brush where you need to cast under the limbs. An exceptional topwater rod.

PGR 823C - A very accurate shallow-water casting rod, designed to handle slightly larger fish on the flats. It's a big help around mangroves when the shook are back under the limbs and you need to make accurate casts to hook them, plus you need a little extra power to get them out in the open so you can land them.

PGR 862C - When the water is big and the fish are spooky, you need to make long, accurate casts and still maintain a certain amount of stealth to be successful. This rod, with its "popping rod" action will allow you to fish relatively small baits and light line, but you can cover an unbelievable amount of water and cast to those fish that before were just out of reach.

PGR 863C - Soft, subtle presentations from long distance are still reality with this rod. It's got plenty of power to handle large fish and with the softer action still gives you excellent line and lure control with plenty of power to set the hook and handle fish.

PGR 864C - Whether you're after big reds on the flats or big permit on the edges, this is an excellent rod for the job. It has the nice, soft flex of a popping rod with the power required to make long casts and handle big fish. It's an excellent choice for casting live bait when the water is a little deeper, whether you're fishing the flats, the channels or the cuts.

PGR 881C - When you still need to use lighter line for really shallow water or because the fish are super-spooky, this is a good choice. It's a little longer at 7'4" to help you extend your casting range and cover a lot more water, but it's sneaky powerful to handle large flats species like redfish or big trout. An excellent choice for small topwaters.

PGR 882C - If accuracy is still a priority, but staying back off the fish is important, this would be the rod you need in your hands. It's got enough tip to work baits properly and still gives you the soft action you need to be sneaky without sacrificing distance. A very nice, all-around flats rod for trout, redfish or bonefish. A good option for medium-sized topwaters.

PGR 883C - Here's a rod for the angler that still requires accuracy, but needs to back off a bit so not to spook the fish. It has a medium-heavy power rating, designed for larger lures and heavier a little heavier line which, in turn, means it's a good choice for bigger fish and heavier cover. When those big reds are back in the weeds, you can go in after them and feel confident you'll be able to get them out.

PGR 884C - When the grass is thick and the casts are long, this is the rod you want in your hands. It's made with big baits and big fish in mind. It will handle the larger stickbaits and you still have a reasonable amount of accuracy for fishing the fringes of the mangroves.

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