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G. Loomis NRX Spey Rods Handles
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Handle: G. Loomis NRX Spey Rods Handle A
Handle: G. Loomis NRX Spey Rods Handle B
G. Loomis NRX Spey Rods Handles
G. Loomis NRX Spey Rods View 1

G. Loomis NRX Spey Rods

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Item #: F13045931
G. Loomis NRX Spey Rods feature high modulus graphite, great tapers, the finest in componentry and a new, proprietary resin system. This along with Steve Rajeff’s design ability helped us create an insanely lightweight, ultra-high performance series of fly rods. After many years of research, hard work and continual technological improvements, our new and most dynamic achievement incorporates all the basic elements that make great fly rods.

NRX Spey Rods are available in the original NRX 'stealthy' matte Black/Blue wrap blank and the more traditional Evergreen color.


NRX 1445/6-412'0"Med. StiffFast5/6 wt.4A
NRX 1445/6-4 G12'0"Med. StiffFast5/6 wt.4B
NRX 1567/8-413'0"Med. StiffFast7/8 wt.4A
NRX 1567/8-4 G13'0"Med. StiffFast7/8 wt.4B
NRX 1686/7-414'0"Med. StiffFast6/7 wt.4A
NRX 1686/7-4 G14'0"Med. StiffFast6/7 wt.4B
NRX 1688/9-414'0"Med. StiffFast8/9 wt.4A
NRX 1688/9-4 G14'0"Med. StiffFast8/9 wt.4B

AHandle A
BHandle B

Specific Rod Details

NRX 1445/6-4 / NRX 1445/6-4 G - At 12'0" for #5/6 line, (360 grain Scandi - 400 grain Skagit), this rod is at the very light end of the spey rod range. Some may call this a Switch rod, but it's right on the edge so it's up to the individual angler, your skill level. It is a joy to cast most summer time patterns with floating lines and can handle Skagit heads if you need to dredge the bottom, with 10 grains per foot tips. It is ideal for summer steelhead, but if a big "B-run" grabs hold, you still have enough power to even the odds.

NRX 1567/8-4 / NRX 1567/8-4 NRX 1686/7-4 / NRX 1686/7-4 G - This positive action 13', #7/8 (480 grain Scandi- 520 grain Skagit head), loves to push long casts using integrated short-head floating lines such as Windcutter II, Delta Short,or SA Spey Evolution. It really shines using Scandi and Skagit (short/compact length head) and monofilament running line. It will manage all but the most heavily weighted winter patterns, with plenty of backbone to pop a cast through rain and wind. It is ideal rod for NW steelhead, and smaller Atlantic salmon applications. A light rod for all seasons.

NRX 1686/7-4 / NRX 1686/7-4 G - Dry flies for steelhead at long range? Long leaders and little bombers for Atlantics? Looking for the big rod that does not overwhelm smaller fish, but has what it takes to deliver major casts, this 14' 6/7 is what you have been searching for. It is especially sweet casting mid-belly or long belly lines rated 6/7. For Scandi casting we'd recommend 28 grams/450grains head weight. It has a progressive taper, and does not bottom out if heavier lines are used. Reach out and touch something with this specialty long and light rod. Something with scales.

NRX 1688/9-4 / NRX 1688/9-4 G - 14 feet of power and grace. This rod is effortless at 80 feet with floating lines and any surface or near surface fly you care to dangle in the face of Mr. Salmonid. Size 8/9 mid-belly or long-belly taper with head weight of approximately 40 grams/600 grains at end of head, makes the operation of casting magic. Scandi heads can be used at 36 grams and add a few more grams for Skagit heads and heavy tips, if the need for bottom sweeping coverage is the ticket to success.

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