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Handle: G. Loomis NRX Fly Rods - Green Handle A
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Handle: G. Loomis NRX Fly Rods - Green Handle A
Handle: G. Loomis NRX Fly Rods - Green Handle B
Handle: G. Loomis NRX Fly Rods - Green Handle C
Handle: G. Loomis NRX Fly Rods - Green Handle D
Handle: G. Loomis NRX Fly Rods - Green Handle E

G. Loomis NRX Fly Rods - Green

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Item #: F13045131
G. Loomis NRX Fly Rods are the culmination of what G. Loomis has been doing since day one. Continually striving to build the best rods on the planet. Laminates, resin, mandrels, components and the know how you expect. The NRX rods look and feel like nothing G. Loomis has built before.

Calling on the talents of chief rod designer Steve Rajeff and the support of the entire G. Loomis team worldwide, anglers will discover that the NRX Fly Rods are at least 15-percent lighter than similar GLX rods and up to 20-percent stronger and more impact resistant! NRX Fly Rods feature the best components, from the black ion-coated REC Recoil guides to the custom reel seats which have no exposed threads and the HD cork grips that provide more sensitivity and durability where needed.

G. Loomis NRX Fly Rods feature a wide range of models including 9' 0" 3 through 6 weights for trout and panfish, 10' 0" 7 through 9 weights for salmon and steelhead, 9' 0" 7 through 12 weights for large freshwater and saltwater species and three spey models for salmon and steelhead. All NRX Fly Rods feature a four piece design and come with a protective rod sock and travel tube.

These G. Loomis NRX Fly Rods feature translucent green rod blanks with green and silver thread wraps. These rods include a "G" designation at the end of the model number.


NRX 1083-4 FLY G9'0"Med. StiffMod. Fast3 wt.4A
NRX 1084-4 FLY G9'0"Med. StiffFast4 wt.4A
NRX 1085-4 FLY G9'0"Med. StiffFast5 wt.4A
NRX 1086-4 FLY G9'0"Med. StiffFast6 wt.4B
NRX 1087-4 FLY G9'0"StiffFast7 wt.4C
NRX 1207-4 FLY G10'0"StiffFast7 wt.4C
NRX 1088-4 FLY G9'0"StiffFast8 wt.4C
NRX 1208-4 FLY G10'0"StiffFast8 wt.4C
NRX 1089-4 FLY G9'0"StiffFast9 wt.4C
NRX 1209-4 FLY G10'0"StiffFast9 wt.4C
NRX 10810-4 FLY G9'0"StiffFast10 wt.4C
NRX 10811-4 FLY G9'0"StiffFast11 wt.4D
NRX 10812-4 FLY G9'0"StiffFast12 wt.4D
NRX 1568/9-4 FLY G13'0"Med. StiffFast8/9 wt.4E
NRX 1689/10-4 FLY G14'0"Med. StiffFast9/10 wt.4F
NRX 18010/11-4 FLY G15'0"Med. StiffFast10/11 wt.4F

AHandle A
BHandle B
CHandle C
DHandle D
EHandle E
FHandle F


Specific Rod Details

NRX 1083-4 FLY G - A very precise, lightweight trout rod designed for casting small dries and nymphs on large freestone creeks and small rivers where long casts are a factor, but where accuracy is the key. NRX makes it as light as the proverbial feather, allowing you to cast all day long and hardly notice the rod in your hand. Whether it's lake fishing or stream fishing, trout or panfish, this may be the lightest, most technical 3-weight on the market.

NRX 1084-4 FLY G - An incredible 4-weight rod for fishing larger streams and stillwaters with dry flies, nymphs or small streamers. The 9-foot length, along with the unbelievable light weight gives you casting range and line control that is almost unheard of. It is surprisingly powerful, able to punch out 60'+ casts, it will fish tippets as light as 6X no problem. When you have to do down to whisper-thin tippets to be successful, this rod will handle it and when you want an ultra-light challenge for oversized bluegill or crappie, it makes an excellent choice thanks to that NRX sensitivity!

NRX 1085-4 FLY G - When it comes to the best rod for all-around trout fishing, the 9-foot for 5-weight does it about as good as any. When it comes to a feather-light touch and precision casting, this NRX can do everything you'd ask of a fly rod and more. Dry flies, nymphs, streamers, it doesn't matter - especially with the line-speed you'll enjoy with the NRX system - it's the best trout fly rod G. Loomis has ever made! It features a "progressive power taper" which allows you to make short casts as efficiently and smoothly as long ones and its ability to cast in windy conditions will soon be legendary.

NRX 1086-4 FLY G - As the trout get bigger, the river wider and the wind stronger, you need a little more power and that's where this dynamic 6-weight really shines. It will handle large streamers and big nymphs, no problem. Need to get down with a sink-tip line? This is the rod. A good choice for fishing larger flies, like big stonefly nymphs or glo-bugs in Alaska, this rod has the versatility you need. If you're looking for the absolute best big trout, big fly, long-distance fly rod, look no further. NRX makes it insanely light and you'll be amazed at the power it generates.

NRX 1087-4 FLY G - Here's where fly rods begin the cross-over from fresh to saltwater. This dynamic "tweener" is a great choice for almost any of the popular saltwater flats species. Looking for a small steelhead rod or a great pond rod for big largemouth? Ditto! NRX makes it so light and so powerful it will surprise you! It's totally capable of handling oversized surprises, no matter where you're fishing. Whether you're looking for a bigger challenge for saltwater or a great all-around freshwater rod for bigger fish, this is a good as a 7-weight gets!

NRX 1207-4 FLY G - Here's a beautifully balanced, lightweight rod for big summer steelhead or fall silvers. It's a great choice for slab steelhead up in BC whether you're skating big dries or swinging popsicles. It will punch out unbelievably long casts time after time, feeling more like a nine-footer than the ten-footer it is. It will give you hours of effortless casting and is so surprisingly powerful you can't imagine it. This is what technology is all about. Lighter, stronger and more powerful than you've ever experienced. This may be the light-duty salmon & steelhead rod of the decade.

NRX 1088-4 FLY G - The standard by which all light-duty saltwater fly rods and heavy-duty freshwater rods are measured will soon be changing. This smooth casting 8-weight will quickly become our number one 9-foot fly rod for fishing the flats as well as steelhead. It has the versatility and quickness of a much lighter rod, with more power than you can ever imagine. Tight loops and great range in such a lightweight package make this our top choice for bonefish, permit, snook, stripers, blues, salmon, steelhead, pike and any number of big fish. They just don't make a better rod than this!

NRX 1208-4 FLY G - When your fishing big water for salmon and steelhead this is as good as it gets. It's extremely lightweight, casts like a bullet and handles big fish exceptionally well. It's hard to imagine a rod so light can be so tough and have so much power. An excellent rod for managing heavy sinking lines, shooting heads and sink tips. It has exceptional mending ability and reacts quickly when a big fish does everything it can to get away. It generates unbelievably high line-speeds which really helps when casting in the wind. If you want one rod to do a lot of things, especially when it comes to managing line and fighting big fish in tough places, this is our choice. A great choice for sea-run browns, big winter steelhead and most of the salmon species!

NRX 1089-4 FLY G - When you need power in a lightweight package, especially to cast bigger flies, make longer casts and handle bigger fish, this is the new standard by which all 9-weights will be measured. It's a great rod for casting big flies in the wind and will handle most of the larger saltwater species, except for tarpon. Permit, barracuda, jacks, big reds, stripers, blues, false albies... you name it. It's got the range as well as the power to handle large, wind-resistant freshwater bass flies and the biggest bass on the planet.

NRX 1209-4 FLY G - When you're looking for the ultimate fly rod for fishing big salmon in big rivers and difficult conditions, this is the rod you want in your hands. It's designed for fishing heavy sinking lines and shooting heads so you can get down in those deep runs where the big kings swim. It's a great choice for fishing those new integrated shooting head lines in the 400- to 500-grain size. This is everything you'd ever want in a big fish, big water fly rod. Striper anglers will really appreciate the amount of line they can handle with this rod. It fishes big flies, even in the wind and is so light it's hard to imagine G. Loomis did it.

NRX 10810-4 FLY G - This is, without a doubt, the lightest, most powerful 10-weight G. Loomis has ever made. It will cast big flies, handle big fish and give you the range you need to cover a lot of water, especially on windy days when a lot of fly fishers are thinking it's time to go home. Add in a super amount of lifting power and you've got a great rod for species like big permit, big dorados, cobia and even small pelagics. It's all about power and yet it's so light you won't believe it! If you're into insanely big fish on a fly rod and you want to test your mettle, this is the rod you need!

NRX 10811-4 FLY G - When you talk "finesse" in a fly rod it usually refers to trout fishing, but when it comes to the saltwater scene, the topic quickly moves towards the flats. There are days when the tarpon are contrary and you need to use longer leaders, small flies and make quiet presentations. This is the rod for those kind of days. NRX makes it insanely light in your hand and so powerful it will get your attention - quick! When you want those big silver kings to tire out before you do, this rod can and will do the job. A great option for small billfish as well!

NRX 10812-4 FLY G - You might find it hard to imagine a rod lighter and more powerful than the GLX tarpon rod, but this unbelievable 12-weight will change your thinking! When you need raw power, this is the rod. When you need a rod that you can cast all day long and still be ready for more, this is the rod. When it's time to put the pressure on a big "poon" this is definitely the rod! Bottom line? When you're after big fish, whether it's tarpon on the flats, cobia on the beach or striped marlin offshore, this rod will do everything you ask of it and more. It's scary light, sneaky strong and casts like a 10-weight!

NRX 1568/9-4 FLY G - A smooth, powerful casting 13-footer rated for an 8/9 Scandi head. At 500 grains it loads this rod perfectly and makes tight narrow loops using the "under hand" cast. At 550 grains, utilizing the Skagit method, it will manage all the necessary tips including full sinking, intermediate or floating. They are dual rated in grams for Europe and grains for the North American market. While it casts the short Scandi-style heads exceptionally well, it's more than capable of handling a wide variety of casting strokes given the proper lines. A wonderful choice for medium to large rivers. It is capable of casting big, weighted flies if necessary, to get down in those deep pockets where salmon or steelhead rest on their migratory journeys. NRX gives you unbelievable power and line control in a rod so light it's insane!

NRX 1689/10-4 FLY G - As two-hand rods get longer, casting distance increases, that's a given. The beauty of this 14-footer are the NRX dynamics - it's insanely light, has extraordinary power and handles like a much shorter rod. It's totally capable of handling heavier. Big winter steelhead won't go far to chase down a fly so you have to put it right in their face making accuracy and line control is everything. Anglers swinging big tube flies on swift Nordic rivers will appreciate the power of this rod. G. Loomis dual-rates this rod in grams for Europe and grains for the North American market. Under the standard rating-system this would be a 9/10. This is a great all-around two-hand rod!

NRX 18010/11-4 FLY G - When maximum distance is your goal this is the rod you want in your hands. Even in tough conditions like wind, rain and high water, you need a big rod, but one that doesn't wear you out. You need a rod that can cover the water, control the swing and still be manageable. It's hard to imagine a 15-foot rod that can be characterized as manageable, but this one does all that and more. Thanks to NRX technology, this is the biggest, lightest, most powerful two-hander G. Loomis has ever made... the big, Mac-Daddy of NRX two-hand rods. It has unbelievable line control, capable of handling long 45' heads as well as large, air-resistant tube flies on the big rivers of Scandinavia and gives you total coverage in the deep, fast runs these fish call home. Under the standard rating-system this would be a 10/11. As impressed as you may be with GLX two-handers, this one is so light and powerful it will blow you away!

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