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G. Loomis Muskie Rods


G. Loomis Muskie Rods are the perfect casting rods for the fish of 10,000 casts. Muskie are so elusive anglers are happy to have a couple of "follows" during a day on the water. The lures are big, the line is heavy and the rods have to be powerful to handle them, not to mention the fish. These are ambush-oriented creatures that come out of nowhere to chase down the right bait when presented properly. Muskie fishing is a world of big baits that are getting bigger each season. Giant swimbaits, huge plugs, oversized in-line bucktail spinners and huge spinnerbaits require long, powerful rods to cast and control these babies and the G. Loomis Muskie Rods are the answer.

G. Loomis spent a lot of time studying the fish, lakes, rivers and the anglers who call the Muskellunge their fish of choice. G. Loomis then created a series of casting rods just for Muskie die-hards that will do everything you ask and more. They aren't your everyday rod, but then Muskies aren't your everyday fish. These rods are long, powerful, high performance fishing instruments designed specifically to fish Muskie and Pike baits. You’ll cast farther, find them surprisingly light for all that power and be confident that when the "moment" happens you'll be in total control. G. Loomis Muskie Rods feature blended graphite blanks, Fuji Alconite guides.


G. Loomis Muskie Rods
MUR9648' 0"HeavyFast25 - 501 - 41
MUR9658' 0"X-HeavyFast30 - 602 - 61
MUR9668' 0"XX-HeavyFast40 - 604 - 101
MUR9678' 0"Mega Mag HeavyFast40 - 708 - 161
MUR10268' 6"XX-HeavyFast40 - 604 - 101
Specific Rod Details

MUR964 - This is an excellent choice for smaller, lighter bucktails like the Blue Fox Muskie Buck and small to medium-sized swimbaits. It works great for jigs like the Little Hustler with plenty of sensitivity. Its designed to fish the smaller, finesse baits, but locks up quickly with plenty of back-bone when it's time to set the hook or steer a big fish away from trouble. This is a good all around rod that doubles nicely for big Pike as well. It has a dynamic tip that helps propel a bait way back into the pocket water and there's plenty of reserve power to handle that fish of a lifetime!

MUR965 - This is where it all starts for the serious Muskie angler. This rod has the tip required to cast medium-sized bucktails like the Grim Reaper. No need to back off with this rod. It can make hard "snap casts" all day long. It's great for those single-blade bucktails, where the resistance is not so severe. It's a versatile rod that can fish a number of different baits well. Crankbaits like the Ernie or Squirrely Jake, topwaters like the Top Raider and jerkbaits like the Manta. This rod can change your game as well as your luck!

MUR966 - Now we are getting into the hard core Musky fisherman's wheelhouse. This is a brute of a rod that will handle everything in that 4 to 10 oz range. It's the all-purpose rod that will cast everything but those giant Bull Dog baits. The tip is stout enough to handle the larger bucktails with twin blades, as well as the bigger crankbaits and jerkbaits. It's unbelievably light for all the power it provides and you can fish all day - no problem! If you’re into trolling the prop wash with a big Jake or Grandma you'll appreciate the positive control this rod provides along with more than enough backbone to handle a pig of a Muskie up close and personal.

MUR967 - This rod is the ultimate giant Muskie rod for big water like Lake of the Woods. It's the ultimate power stick! Giant baits attract giant fish. Need to cast a pound of plastic? This is the real deal and it will perform time after time. Got a spot where you want to pitch monster bucktails like The Double Cow Girl or Musky Mayhem? Not a problem! Big baits like the Super Magnum Bulldog put a lot of pressure on a rod, but that's where this baby really shines. When you need to give a giant Muskie the "no treatment", this is the answer!

MUR1026 - When you fish clear water where you need to stay back from the spots to avoid spooking fish, the extra length in this rod is a big plus. It does everything that its 8’ cousin, the MUR996 will do, but the extra six inches creates a wider radius in the casting stroke for added distance and a little extra tip-speed for long-range hook-sets. It gives you a little more action and slightly more depth when you execute the "figure 8" to entice a strike from a shy muskie. Let this rod do all the work for you.

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Professional Angler
 You won't break this one.
Pros: Good Tip Action, Accurate Casting, Sensitive, Durable
Comments: Great rod. Worth every penny.
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