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G. Loomis Light Line Trolling
G. Loomis Light Line Trolling
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G. Loomis Light Line Trolling
G. Loomis Light Line Trolling

G. Loomis Light Line Trolling Rods were specifically designed for use with downriggers and light lines. Light line trolling for trout and kokanee salmon is a lost art form that has begun to take on popularity again. Fast action, light and ultra-light power, comfortable cork casting style handles, and GL3 blanks round out this specialized rod series. Trolling for smaller fish with lightweight lures can be challenging but choosing the right rod shouldn't have to be.

G. Loomis Light Line Trolling Rods are made in the U.S.A.


G. Loomis Light Line Trolling Rods
CR841-1 GL37' 0"Ultra LightFast2 - 61/32 - 1/41
CR842-2 GL37' 0"LightFast4 - 81/16 - 5/162
Specific Rod Details

CR841-1 - An ultra light trolling rod for trout and kokanee, designed to fish small lures or bait with a downrigger system. More to the point, it's designed to help you enjoy catching small fish again. Because you can use new trolling rigs like the "Flash-lite" trolls, which have very little drag and very little weight, even 10-inchers will give your line a tug. Not alot of backbone, but more than enough for 2 to 6 pound line. An awesome ultra-light experience.

CR842-2 - This is a two-piece version of the ultra-light trolling rod for trout and kokanee. It's a little more powerful, with a 4 to 8 pound line rating. But, just like the CR841-1, it allows you to utilize the new low drag/lightweight trolling rigs that make light-line trolling a whole lot more fun. This is also a great small spinnerbait and grub rod for small bass and a neat little rod for shad and panfish. If you've been looking for a little casting rod for trout, this is it.

Customer Reviews
Pros: Sensitive, Easy To Transport, Accurate Casting, Good Tip Action
Best Uses: Downrigging inland lakes
Comments: sensitive tip strong in butt
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