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G. Loomis Jerkbait Rods

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Item #: F12045041

G. Loomis Jerkbait Rods are designed specifically for fishing jerkbaits of all types with complete lure control. Whether fishing early in the spring or later in the year, you have to be sure or strongly believe the fish are there and you must be patient. In cold water, it's a pull-pause, pull-pause technique with lots of emphasis on the pause. You may have to let the bait suspend as long as 30-40 seconds. This is a deadly technique, especially with smallmouth early in the season. You need a rod with a light, responsive tip that allows you to fish the bait properly without sacrificing power. G. Loomis Jerkbait Rods feature blended graphite blanks and Fuji Alconite guides.

Jerkbait Rods are designed with fast tips and "progressive power tapers" so the angler can work the lures correctly with minimal effort. It doesn't matter if you're fishing for spots, largemouth or smallmouth, it all relates to water temperature. When it's cold, you fish very slow, when it's warmer, you speed things up quite a bit. Sometimes you need to be super aggressive with the lure movement and this rod has the power to do that and still not overload it, but when you need to be subtle, the tip is light enough and responsive enough to impart a slight twitch if that's what it takes to get the fish going. There is plenty of reserve power in the butt-section for getting fish headed your way.


G. Loomis Jerkbait Rods
JBR752C6' 3"MediumFast8 - 151/4 - 3/81
JBR753C6' 3"Med. HeavyFast10 - 173/8 - 3/41
JBR812C6' 9"MediumFast8 - 151/4 - 3/81
JBR813C6' 9"Med. HeavyFast10 - 173/8 - 3/41
Specific Rod Details

JBR752C - This rod is designed specifically for fishing small to medium-sized jerkbaits in shallow water and tight quarters where a shorter rod is preferred to keep your lure under control, to be able to react quickly and move the fish away from cover. It has a nice, fast tip-section to help make accurate casts. The short length allows you to fish the tip straight down to make quick strokes to impart the proper action to the lure. Once you hook a fish, the "progressive-power-taper" takes over, providing positive control as the blank flexes.

JBR753C - If you fish where the water is murkier and you need a lure with a larger profile to make sure the fish know it’s in the area, this is an excellent rod. Designed for fishing heavier lines when you’re fishing lakes with more brush or trees and especially when you know there are big fish around. It still has that nice tip-to-butt, progressive-power-taper that improves casting distance and lure control. It’s extremely sensitive so when you’re deadsticking a bait, there’s no doubt when a bass eats it.

JBR812C - Although the same line/lure ratings as the 6' 3" version (JBR752C), the extra length of this rod gives you more tip speed to increase casting distance and allow you to fish deeper water more effectively. You can move the bait faster and more aggressively so you can cover more water. It is especially helpful when you want to stay back off the fish because of clear water or the fish are just plain spooky.

JBR813C - This rod has the exact power-rating, action, line and lure rating as its shorter cousin, the JBR753C, but it is a full 6" longer which gives you much greater casting range and more versatility in deeper water.

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