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The G. Loomis IMX Universal Centerpin Rods are very light, long and responsive. These rods are longer than ever before and are better balanced than the previous IMX models. Instead of a fixed position reel seat, these rods come with sliding rings so you can position the reel wherever you want to provide optimal balance.

The G. Loomis IMX Universal Centerpin Rods offer maximum line and lure control while the length helps to keep your line clear of the water for a drag free drift and the best possible presentation. These rods also have more than enough casting range along with enough power to handle larger fish.

Features of the G. Loomis IMX Universal Centerpin Rods include:

  • 15 % lighter than the original IMX rods
  • Ergonomic handle to provide better comfort, a sure grip, and balance
  • Action specific tapers for better balance and sensitivity
  • Fuji K-Frames guides that reduce tangles with braided line

Specifications for the G. Loomis IMX Universal Centerpin Rods can be seen in the Specifications tab above.


G. Loomis IMX Universal Centerpin Rods
IMX 1363-4 CPR11' 4"4Med. LightModerate8 - 1214 - 1220
IMX 1562-2 CPR13' 0"2LightModerate6 - 1018 - 1220

Handle G


Customer Reviews
Mississauga, Onatrio
 G. Loomis - IMX Center Pin rod
Pros: Very sensitive, Light weigh
Cons: None so far
Comments: I have been fishing stream for migratory rainbows and salmons for 20+ years and with Centerpin float rods and reels for 15+. I purchased this 13" model instead of the GL since I also fish up in Canada during the winter months whenever the rivers are still flowing and wanted to avoid titanium guides that could potential freeze up quicker. Anyhow, I have been using Shimano and St Croix rods for most of my stream fishing needs and they have been very good at half the price of the Loomis. So I was anxious to see how the rod worked on my first trip out with this rod equipped with a Raven SST2 reel. Too things I noticed right away, the tip was a bit faster than my other softer rods and the blank was much lighter. Sensitivity was excellent - I hooked two Nice 5+ bows that I felt on the pickup even though my float had not submerged or moved noticeably. The "C" in the rod was not at soft as I was used to but I landed some big 8+ bows using 3 and 4lb Raven leader without break-offs. Great product and to me is worth the extra $.
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