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G. Loomis IMX Surf Spinning
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G. Loomis IMX Surf Spinning

G. Loomis IMX Surf Spinning Rods

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Item #: F16045021

G. Loomis IMX Surf Spinning Rods are a series of extremely powerful, high-modulus, light weight spinning rods designed specifically for the long-range casts required to successfully fish the surf. These rods range from 8’ to 11’, with line-ratings varying from 12- to 40-pound test and lure ratings from 1/2 to 6 ounces. A durable and unique new handle design features G. Loomis's new "sure-grip technology" with a unique micro-adjust reel seat that allows you to set your reel position according to the length of your arms, with a full 5-inches of adjustment range.

Another exciting feature on these lightweight pieces of surf artillery is the new tangle-proof Fuji K-Frame Alconite guide system. The frames on these guides lean forward so line flows freely and efficiently. Even if the line comes off the spool in a wide arc, it won't catch on the frame. Whether you fish monofilament or braid, you'll be in total control and able to achieve maximum casting distance with this new technology. The IMX Surf is an aggressive, no-holds-barred, "reach out there and get you some" series of surf rods for the true fanatics of the beach crowd and it doesn't matter if you fish from the rocks, the docks, the sand or the's bombs away!

G. Loomis IMX Surf Spinning Rods are made in the U.S.A.


G. Loomis IMX Surf Spinning Rods
IMX 965S SUR8' 0"Med. HeavyMod. Fast15 - 303/4 - 51
IMX 966S SUR8' 0"HeavyMod. Fast17 - 401-61
IMX 1024-2S SUR8' 6"MediumMod. Fast12 - 251/2 - 32
IMX 1025-2S SUR8' 6"Med. HeavyMod. Fast15 - 303/4 - 52
IMX 1064S SUR8' 10"MediumMod. Fast12 - 251/2 - 31
IMX 1065S SUR8' 10"Med. HeavyMod. Fast15 - 303/4 - 51
IMX 1084-2S SUR9' 0"MediumMod. Fast12 - 251/2 - 32
IMX 1085-2S SUR9' 0"Med. HeavyMod. Fast15 - 303/4 - 52
IMX 1204-2S SUR10' 0"MediumMod. Fast12 - 251/2 - 32
IMX 1205-2S SUR10' 0"Med. HeavyMod. Fast15 - 303/4 - 52
IMX 1264-2S SUR10' 6"MediumMod. Fast12 - 251/2 - 32
IMX 1324-2S SUR11' 0"MediumMod. Fast12 - 251/2 - 32
IMX 1325-2S SUR11' 0"Med. HeavyMod. Fast15 - 303/4 - 52
Specific Rod Details

IMX 965S SUR - A powerful, one-piece 8' spinning rod for fishing off the jetty or the docks for any number of saltwater critters. A good rod for casting jigs to Cobia or any species where you need a little extra power for increased casting range and fish-fighting control. It has plenty of muscle to fish the bridges and the piers and yet it's light enough to wade with and fish all day long. Fish the tail races for stripers or big cats? This is a great option!

IMX 966S SUR - There are many times when fishing from the rocks or the pier, you're casting to a sandy bottom, but when the rocks extend out into the surf, you'll appreciate the extra power this 8 footer provides. It handles heavier line, up to 40 pound test, and heavier lures, up to 6 ounces, so you should be able to keep even the biggest fish out of the rocks with this beast. It's made for "black & blue" fishing the where the rocks grab everything and the fish know how to use them to their advantage. Now it's "lean & mean" fishing - advantage angler!

IMX 1024-2S SUR - A very nice, medium-power, two-piece jetty stick for fishing lighter line and smaller lures or bait rigs. When you're enjoying a day on the pier and the surf is light, you can use this rod to your advantage for down-sizing everything. The good news is, if you should hook up with a big surprise, you'll stand more than a chance of landing it and when the fish move out of range for many, you're still in the game.

IMX 1025-2S SUR - A light, but very powerful two-piece rod for fishing bait off the piers and jetties, it's powerful enough to handle any sized saltwater critter you might encounter. It has excellent casting range and can handle lures up to 5 ounces. It will fish small pencil poppers, rangers or chuggers for stripers and blues in light surf. It's extremely accurate and casts about as far as you can imagine.

IMX 1064S SUR - A powerful one-piece surf stick for casting pencil poppers, rangers and other popular topwater baits in the surf. Rated for up to 25 pound line and 3 ounce lures, it has the power to cast a long ways and can handle stripers, blues and drum, no problem. A very good rod for medium-sized swimbaits, it's a great choice for pier or beach fishing. You'll be amazed at the power this little rod has, not to mention that you can cast it across the bay.

IMX 1065S SUR - When you need a rod to handle slightly larger baits and reach out over the bar, this one will do the job. It is totally capable of handling large stripers, big drum or the meanest bluefish. It's rated for lures up to 5 ounces and line of up to 30 pound test. It's incredibly light weight considering all the power it generates and it will handle smaller lures when necessary. A great all-around 1-piece surf rod!

IMX 1084-2S SUR - When you need a rod you can transport and fish a lot of different lure types, this is an excellent choice. It's rated for lures up to 3 ounces and up to 25 pound test line so there are some limitations, but it's a great all around beach rod, especially when a little more distance is one of your main goals. It fishes pencil poppers, swimbaits, chuggers and small eel imitations very well and when it comes to distance, it's a real cannon. Go out and get some sand between your toes!

IMX 1085-2S SUR - A stout, two-piece spinning rod designed to cast up to 5 ounces, this is a real powerhouse for fishing off the rocks. It will fish swimbaits and topwaters no problem and makes a really good choice for pitching cut bait. When a big fish tries to make a run for it, this rod will let you give him the "no treatment"! When distance isn't crucial, it's at it's best and won't wear you out after a long day on the beach. The odds are now in your favor!

IMX 1204-2S SUR - A nice, medium-power, two-piece spinning rod designed for long distance casts for smaller plugs, jigs or bait. It's got plenty of power for most averaged-sized species and has that special G.Loomis reserve power should you hook up with a real monster. When the surf is running high and wave clearance becomes an issue, this 10-foot rod helps keep you in the game. It will handle up to 25 pound test monofilament and 30 pound Power Pro, casting lures up to 3 ounces.

IMX 1205-2S SUR - When it time for extra casting distance and larger baits, whether fishing from the rocks or the sand, this is a great choice. The 10-foot length helps you reach out there where the fish are eating and it's got more than enough power to handle big fish. It will handle lures up to 5 ounces and up to 30 pound line. When the fish are chasing bait, you stand a great chance of handling any challenge that may come up with this rod.

IMX 1264-2S SUR - As more distance is required, anglers move to longer rods. This isn't the longest rod in our Surf Series, but it may well be one of the more versatile. It will handle 12 to 30 pound line and lures from 1/2 to 3 ounces. It's an excellent choice for smaller lures and bait, but will handle surprisingly large fish. Stripers, blues and drum are no problem and if you're an avid "tailrace" angler for stripers or big hybrids in freshwater, this rod has the power and the distance to get you out where the big ones live.

IMX 1324-2S SUR - An absolutely great all-around surf spinning rod. At 11-feet, this two-piece powerhouse will let you reach out there a country mile with total line, lure and fish-fighting control. This is the perfect rod for big rooster fish, stripers, drum and any other mega-critters that may cruise the coastline. It will handle up to 25 pound monofilament and 30 pound braid and lures ranging up to 3 ounces. Whether you're fishing the Pacific coast of Mexico or the rocky shores of Maine, this is as good as it gets!

IMX 1325-2S SUR - When the surf gets right and the big stripers move in, this is the rod you want in your hands! It's got the power, not only to reach the fish, but to manhandle them. When the surf gets ornery and you need accuracy as well as positive line and lure control, this rod will get the job done. It's really light for all that power and you can cast it all day long with minimal fatigue. It's G. Loomis's extreme distance, extreme power surf rod and will handle lures up to 5 ounces. Carpe Diem!!

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