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G. Loomis IMX Steelhead Drift Casting Rods


G. Loomis IMX Steelhead Drift Casting Rods have all the features you need to fish for steelhead as they migrate upstream to spawn. These rods are made longer to increase line angle and decrease your line drag which will add to the sensitivity and give you more feel and lure/bait control. This rod is light enough to fish all day long and still powerful enough to handle trophy fish.

IMX Steelhead Drift Casting Rods are as much as 15 % lighter than the original IMX series. These rods feature an ergonomic handle that is designed for more comfort, better grip, and balance. The action specific tapers provide better balance and increased sensitivity while the Fuji K-frame guides to help reduce tangles with braided line.

G. Loomis IMX Steelhead Drift Casting Rods
IMX 1043-2C STDR8' 8"2Med. HeavyFast6 - 1238 - 3421/2131/2
IMX 1086-2C STDR9' 0"2HeavyFast10 - 2038 - 11221/2131/2
IMX 1103-2C STDR9' 2"2MediumFast6 - 1238 - 3421/2131/2
IMX 1104-2C STDR9' 2"2Med. HeavyFast8 - 1238 - 3421/2131/2
IMX 1163-2C STDR9' 8"2MediumFast6 - 1238 - 3421/2131/2
IMX 1165-2C STDR9' 8"2Med. HeavyMod. Fast8 - 1738 - 121/2131/2
Specific Rod Details

IMX 1043-2C STDR - A great light duty drift rod that will handle line as light as 6 lb. test for low clear water and as high as 12 lb. when you are going for larger fish. It is extremely lightweight and the sensitivity is superb.

IMX 1086-2C STDR - A powerful rod that works great for fall or winter fishing when the fish are bigger. This rod can handle big fish and big lures while still remaining lightweight and sensitive.

IMX 1103-2C STDR - A long light duty rod that is designed for fishing big rivers where the extra length will increase your line and lure control. This rod works great for summer fishing when the water is low. It allows you the control to be able to stand back, to not spook the fish, with the leverage and tip speed for a quick hook set.

IMX 1104-2C STDR - A more powerful rod designed to fish for big river steelhead and smaller salmon. It will handle most of the popular drifting techniques and is extremely light.

IMX 1163-2C STDR - A light duty rod with the max length that is offered in this series. It is designed for use when fishing big water where the extra length dramatically increases your casting range and line/lure control. This rod is very responsive and works great for both summer and fall fishing when the water level is lower. The extra length will help you to reach pockets that are all the way across the river and still have great presentation and control.

IMX 1165-2C STDR - A powerful rod that is also the max length offered in this series that is designed for big river steelhead and smaller salmon. The extra length gives you better line and lure control and makes for easy hook sets after a long cast while still being lightweight and sensitive.

Customer Reviews
Novice Angler
 sweetest rod for steelhead
Pros: so sensitive.. you become one with the river.
Cons: none.
Best Uses: steelhead
Comments: picked up 7 big steel head this weekend on this brand new rod. It is so sensitive and smooth, you become one with the river as you use it.
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