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G. Loomis IMX Hot Shot Spinning Rods are a great choice when fishing for steelhead, silvers, and other smaller salmon. These rods feature magnum taper designs and a light tip that provides a lot of power and sensitivity. G. Loomis IMX Hot Shot Spinning Rods work great for fishing jigs, spinnerbaits, and spoons.

IMX Hot Shot Spinning Rods are designed to fish baits where the boat is at the head of the run and lets the current pull the bait back and forth across the current. This makes the bait cover the entire width of the run slipping further downstream covering the entire area.

G. Loomis IMX Hot Shot Spinning Rods allow the hook to set from the force that is created when the fish strikes the bait. The speed of the boat holds the tension on the line until you can react and start the fight with the fish.

Features of G. Loomis IMX Hot Shot Spinning Rods include:

  • 15% lighter than the original IMX rods
  • Ergonomic handle to provide better comfort, a sure grip, and balance
  • Action specific tapers for better balance and sensitivity
  • Fuji K-Frames guides that reduce tangles with braided line

G. Loomis IMX Hot Shot Spinning Rods
IMX 9000S HSR7' 6"1Mag LightX-Fast6 - 1214 - 123128
IMX 9000-2S HSR7' 6"2Mag LightX-Fast6 - 1214 - 123128
Customer Reviews
Northern California - Sacramento
If a fish can cough, this rod will let you feel it.
Pros: Sensitivity
Cons: the most expensive
Best Uses: for 50 year olds that've been fishing since they were children.
Comments: I bought this 2-piece rod to give the Steelies in the lower American River a fight in the Winters. I've landed 6-8 pounders without any problem and some absolutely fantastic action. I have caught 30# King Salmon with it and 25# Striped Bass. The reel upon it is a cherry mid-1970's D.A.M. Quick 331 super-speed spinning reel with Tectan compliments this rod with perfection. If you've been fishing as long as I have, and take the sport seriously with great pride, find the dollars and get a Loomis IMX've earned it.
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