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G. Loomis GLX Bass Jig & Worm Spinning Rods

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Item #: F11045351

G. Loomis GLX Bass Jig & Worm Spinning Rods are designed specifically for fishing jigs and soft plastics to provide you with the sensitivity to feel the bite and the power to control the fish. These new, improved GLX models are high performance, extremely light and sensitive fishing tools, featuring Fuji Titanium SIC guides, noted for their light weight and durability.

GLX Jig & Worm Spinning Rods have a special new proprietary reel seat, split-grip handle configuration, and although they have nice, light tips, they have more than enough power in the butt-section to handle any situation.

G. Loomis GLX Bass Jig & Worm Spinning Rods are made in the U.S.A.


G. Loomis GLX Bass Jig & Worm Spinning Rods
GLX 722S JWR6' 0"MediumFast6 - 121/8 - 3/81
GLX 782S JWR6' 6"MediumFast6 - 121/8 - 3/81
GLX 783S JWR6' 6"Med. HeavyFast8 - 143/16 - 5/81
GLX 801S JWR6' 8"Med. LightExtra Fast6 - 101/16 - 3/161
GLX 802S JWR6' 8"MediumExtra Fast6 - 121/8 - 3/81
GLX 803S JWR6' 8"Med. HeavyExtra Fast8- 143/16 - 5/81
GLX 852S JWR7' 1"MediumExtra Fast6 - 121/8 - 3/81
GLX 853S JWR7' 1"Med. HeavyExtra Fast8 - 143/16 - 5/81
GLX 902S JWR7' 6"MediumFast6 - 121/8 - 3/81
Specific Rod Details

GLX 722S JWR - This rod has a powerful butt-section with a nice tip giving you a lot of versatility. It fishes best with 8-10 pound line. If you prefer spinning to casting, this is a great option for small to medium-sized baits. It's an excellent rod for fishing ¼-ounce jigs, tubes and grubs. There’s plenty of power to set the hook, and it handles big fish extremely well.

GLX 782S JWR - It has a fast taper for accuracy and more than enough power for clear water situations. It's an excellent grub rod, but will handle most jerkbaits and minnow baits. It’s a really good rod for “split shotting” small lizards and worms. If you prefer spinning rods over casting, this is as good as it gets! You'll be amazed at sensitivity!

GLX 783S JWR - This is a lightweight, ultra-sensitive spinning rod with a fast, powerful taper for all styles of bass fishing! It’s a good choice for soft plastics in deep water, especially in moderate cove. An excellent option for fishing weightless soft plastics like Flukes or Trick Worms. Don’t let the light weight fool you… this rod is as good as they get!

GLX 801S JWR - It has a fast taper with a surprisingly powerful butt-section. A delightful small jig and grub rod, it will handle small tube baits and small worms & lizards equally well. This is a great creek and river rod for smallmouth and spots. Big crappie in the tree tops? A great solution!

GLX 802S JWR - A great spinning rod that will fish small baits with light line and still be able to control a big fish, even in fairly heavy cover. It's for clear, open water, but when too much fishing pressure makes the bite really tough, this rod can help salvage the day. It's light, responsive and sensitive! A great all-around light line spinning rod!

GLX 803S JWR - A powerful, extremely sensitive spinning rod designed to fish soft plastics on jigs heads and medium-sized plastic worms. A good choice for spinnerbaits if you're not into casting reels. With a fast taper, it is extremely accurate and you can move fish away from cover effortlessly. Designed to optimally fish 10 or 12-pound test line, it has a powerful butt-section with enough power in the tip to fish relatively heavy cover.

GLX 852S JWR - Designed for fishing clear water lakes and rivers where long casts are required to avoid spooking fish. The extra length helps create more tip speed for increased casting distance and positive hook sets, even at the end of a long cast. When the bite gets tough and you need to downsize your baits, this rod can handle the smaller sized jigs and small worms with plenty of power.

GLX 853S JWR -A relatively powerful and extremely sensitive deep-water, worm and jig spinning rod… especially in situations where brush and trees are involved. It has a medium-heavy tip that will handle lure weights of up to 3/4 ounce. The extra length extends your casting range.

GLX 902S JWR - A rod designed specifically for dragging tubes for big smallmouth, it has a powerful butt-section with a nice, forgiving tip so the fish will hang on just a big longer, giving you time for a sure hookset. It fishes best with 8-10 pound line and is an excellent choice for fishing 1/8 to 1/4 ounce jigs, tubes and grubs.

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