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G. Loomis GLX Bass Flip & Punch Casting Rods

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Item #: F12109671

G. Loomis GLX Bass Flip & Punch Casting Rods are so light for such extreme power, there’s only one word to describe them… Astonishing! G. Loomis created a stronger, more sensitive stick that is noticeably lighter. After a long day on the water, anglers appreciate any weight reduction they can get. It also helps increase tip speed during the hookset and that means more positive control and more power when you need it.

GLX Flip & Punch Rods allow anglers to use the flex in the tip to help accelerate the bait towards the target and they can “mend” the line with their free hand to control the lure’s entry into the water.

G. Loomis GLX Bass Flip & Punch Casting Rods are made in the U.S.A.


G. Loomis GLX Bass Flip & Punch Casting Rods
GLX 892C FPR7' 5"MediumFast12 - 173/16 - 5/81
GLX 893C FPR7' 5"Med. HeavyFast14 - 201/4 - 3/41
GLX 894C FPR7' 5"HeavyFast17 - 251/4 - 11
GLX 895C FPR7' 5"Extra HeavyFast20 - 253/8 - 11/41
GLX 896C FPR7' 5"Extra HeavyFast20 - 301/2 - 11/21
GLX 953C FPR7' 11"Med. HeavyFast15 - 201/4 - 11
Specific Rod Details

GLX 892C FPR - A versatile light-duty flipping stick that works just as effectively as a power pitching rod. It has the power to move big fish from cover and the tip is soft enough to cast comfortably, but it's designed mostly for the flipping technique where presentation is the key to success, especially in clear water where the fish are spooky and you need to drop down in line or lure-size to get bit. In GLX it's especially sensitive and light as a feather.

GLX 893C FPR - This is our in-between flipping stick. It's still forgiving enough to fish smaller baits and lighter line, but it's got plenty of power. It’s a great option for fishing edges where a stealthy approach is key! It's length lets you swing your bait into likely spots and still get that vertical, close-in presentation that has become so effective, especially when the fish get picky.

GLX 894C FPR - Our best all around flipping stick. It’s powerful enough to help you to manage big fish without fear of breaking slightly lighter line. A real plus when the fish get a little shy and back into the brush just a little more. Equally effective with a jig or soft plastic bait, this rod will give you total control when fishing in tight quarters, whether it’s thick brush or matted vegetation.

GLX 895C FPR - This is the rod you want in your hands when the fish are back in the brush or the back edge of the weeds and you need to beef up your line and lure size. It's light for all that extra power and the sensitivity GLX provides will surprise you every time you get bit. It will handle larger baits and big fish with ease and it's so light, you'll hardly remember holding it at the end of a long day. This is the tournament angler's choice, no matter if you're a serious pro or a weekend tournament angler.

GLX 896C FPR - When the cover gets nasty and you need to pull a fish, no matter how big, up through all that stuff with authority, this is the rod for you! This is the power flipping stick made for the ugly, how am I gonna get a fish out of there, water. It is power personified and still incredibly light in weight! If the bite is light you'll be amazed at it's sensitivity thanks to GLX. When you want to give them the "no treatment" you want this powerhouse on the deck.

GLX 953C FPR - Here's a unique rod that many anglers will find appealing. It's not overpowering, but it's more than powerful enough. It's longer - almost 8' - giving you tremendous line and lure control. It will give you total flexibility, handling a variety of line and lure sizes. The butt-section is very powerful, but the tip is slightly softer which will allow you to pitch when the fish are too far back to flip effectively. If you only want one rod that can do a lot of things, this would be our choice. Flipping is the main deal, but it will fish soft-plastic swimbaits, oversized spinnerbaits and talk about a super-sensitive, deep-water Carolina Rig rod... this is a dandy!

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