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GLX Crankbait Casting Rod
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GLX Crankbait Casting Rod

G. Loomis GLX Bass Crankbait Casting Rods

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Item #: F12045481

G. Loomis GLX Bass Crankbait Casting Rods are built with a new proprietary reel seat, split-grip handle configuration and Fuji Titanium SIC guides. Some of the tapers are new as well, improving the rod line across the board. It's that same unbelievable finite sensitivity GLX is known for in an entirely new package. GLX rods are still some of the lightest, most sensitive high performance rods that G. Loomis makes.

GLX Crankbait Casting Rods are noticeably lighter and more sensitive than the IMX and all the other lower modulus materials used. The high modulus and high tensile-strength allow them to use as much as 15% less material than a comparable IMX rod creating a very dramatic reduction in weight.

G. Loomis GLX Bass Crankbait Casting Rods are made in the U.S.A.


G. Loomis GLX Bass Crankbait Casting Rods
GLX 781 CBR6' 6"Med. LightModerate6 - 121/4 - 1/41
GLX 783 CBR6' 6"MediumModerate8 - 141/4 - 5/81
GLX 785 CBR6' 6"Med. HeavyModerate10 - 203/8 - 11
GLX 841 CBR7' 0"Med. LightModerate6 - 121/4 - 1/21
GLX 843 CBR7' 0"MediumModerate8 - 141/4 - 5/81
GLX 845 CBR7' 0"Med. HeavyModerate10 - 203/8 - 11
GLX 847 CBR7' 0"HeavyModerate12 - 251/2 - 1 3/81
GLX 855 CBR7' 1"Med. HeavyModerate10 - 203/8 - 11
GLX 954 CBR7' 11"MediumModerate10 - 171/4 - 3/41
GLX 955 CBR7' 11"Med. HeavyModerate10 - 203/8 - 11
GLX 956 CBR7' 11"HeavyModerate12 - 201/2 - 11
GLX 957 CBR7' 11"HeavyModerate12 - 251/2 - 1 3/81
Specific Rod Details

GLX 781 CBR - A light crankbait rod designed to throw small lures. Works well with 1/8 to 1/4-ounce baits like the small Rat'l Traps, small deep-divers and 3-4" minnow imitators. It loads easily, allowing you to cast light lures with accuracy, a long ways. It's perfect for small topwaters and extremely effective for using light line on clear-water impoundments and streams when the fish get spooky.

GLX 783 CBR - A really good, all around crankbait rod designed to throw medium-sized crankbaits of all sizes and shapes. It’s handles the mid-range diving baits exceptionally well, especially when fishing around docks and the edges of heavy cover. It's quick, accurate and light as can be. GLX lets you know if and when a bass engulfs your offering because they just don't get anymore sensitive than this and that makes it a great choice for small jerkbaits as well.

GLX 785 CBR - When you start fishing slightly larger lures, especially around more cover where accuracy is more important than sheer power, this rod is a great choice. The shorter length makes it perfect for tight places where you don't have a lot of room for casting, but need a little more power for those bigger bass. An excellent alternative for medium-sized jerkbaits and topwaters.

GLX 841 CBR - A slightly longer, light-duty rod designed to throw small to medium-sized crankbaits where extra distance is helpful. It’s just right for small deep-diving and lipless crankbaits. If you prefer casting to spinning, this is a really good rod for stickbaits like the Rapala or Long-A. It's light in power as well as weight and is surprisingly powerful. A great clear-water, long-range cranking rod.

GLX 843 CBR - A rod designed to throw medium-sized crankbaits. It’s a great choice for diving lures like the 3/8-ounce Fat Free Shad or Wiggle Wart, and will throw a Rat-L-Trap or a Lucky Craft LVR across the county. It’s surprisingly powerful and will get a big largemouth away from trouble and moving to the boat quickly. Probably our best alternative for smallmouth and spots. This is a really good, all around crankbait rod!

GLX 845 CBR - When you need a little more power for casting larger crankbaits, this is the rod you’ll want. It’s very light, and thanks to GLX, so sensitive you can feel a big bass watch your bait! It's responsive and recovers quickly when a bass decides to dart under the boat or jump. If you like a slightly longer jerkbait rod for larger baits, this is an excellent choice. It's responsive, sensitive and resilient... a great rod for all but the largest crankbaits.

GLX 847 CBR - When you’re throwing big deep-divers like a 3/4-ounce Fat Free Shad or a DD-22, this is THE ROD!! It's powerful, slow-tapered enough to let those big baits do their thing and provides just enough give to allow the bass to engulf the bait. It’s designed to fish big baits in and around heavy cover and keep you out of trouble. When in big bass waters like Lake El Salto, this is our rod of choice. Distance, accuracy and fishability all make it a very good big bait, big bass cranking stick.

GLX 855 CBR - This is a specialty crankbait rod, designed for ripping lipless crankbaits like Rat'l Traps and LVR's in the grass. It has a moderate-fast action that's slightly stiffer than our standard crankbait taper to help move the bait enough so it can break free of the grass and still have some room to work it's magic without just flexing the rod. It will handle virtually any size bass and for those that may prefer a little stiffer crankbait rod, and some do, it's a good choice deep-diving baits as well.

GLX 954 CBR - When distance is important and you're looking for a great lipless crankbait rod, this is an excellent choice.. Thanks to GLX, it's extremely light and so sensitive you can feel a big bass watch your bait! It's responsive enough to yo-yo baits, recovering quickly when a bass engulfs the bait on the fall. It's a great choice for virtually any sized bait so if you had to pick one rod for every style of crankbaits, this would be our winner.

GLX 955 CBR - When you need a little more power for casting slightly bigger crankbaits, but the water is clear and the fish are ultra-spooky, this is a great option. It’s light, responsive and recovers quickly, plus it will throw a lure as far as you can imagine. If you're looking for a real rocket launcher this is the rod... a great rod for 1/2-ounce and 5/8-ounce lipless cranks and medium-sized deep-diving baits. Thanks to GLX it won't wear you out and you can almost feel a bass look at your bait!

GLX 956 CBR - A good choice for the larger crankbaits and covering a lot of water quickly. The 7'11" length gives you unbelievable casting range and lure control. Need to get your bait a little deeper? You can use the old reel and kneel routine easily with this one. It's the perfect big-water crankbait rod for giant smallies or big largemouth. Handles all but the biggest crankbaits with perfection!

GLX 957 CBR - The mack-daddy of all crankbait rods. When the baits you're fishing are big and bass are tough to handle, this is the one you want. It will handle the giant deep-diving crankbaits easily and with the extra length can pitch them as far as you can see. It's surprisingly light thanks to GLX, but don't let that fool you. it will handle giant largemouths, whether they're in the trees or headed for the hydrilla. A real advantage when you come across a school of big stripers!

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