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G. Loomis GL2 Bass Flip & Punch Casting Rod

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Item #: F12045421

The G. Loomis GL2 Bass Flip & Punch Casting Rod features a 2.5 inch tapered, round fighting-butt and comfortable "hour glass-shaped" cork grip with a 3 inch cork fore-grip built on a durable and sensitive GL2 graphite blank. It gives you uncanny balance and line control. The reel seat features blank-thru handle construction, with a trigger grip. The aluminum oxide guides are great for use with the heavier lines used when punching heavy baits into cover.

The GL2 Flip & Punch Casting Rod is modeled after the very first G. Loomis flipping stick. Bass anglers will use it to throw heavy Carolina-rigs, slow roll oversize spinnerbaits, and muscle largemouths out of deep-water weed beds. Muskie fishermen will use it for big bucktail spinners, creature baits and mega-tubes, salmon anglers will use it to back-bounce bait and the saltwater crowd will use it for tarpon, but the bottom line is it's a Flipping Stick - an extraordinary one at that! GL2 gives you incredible power for such a lightweight rod, durability and legendary G.Loomis reliability.

Flipping is a technical form of heavy-duty, finesse fishing. Heavy-duty in that you're using heavy line, a powerful rod and virtually yanking fish out of heavy cover. It demands a soft, quiet entry, limited boat noise and the ability to put a lure into a small space with every intent of jerking that fish right out that same spot. The length of a flipping stick allows the angler to “swing” soft plastics or jigs into or right next to heavy cover so that they enter the water softly. This allows a vertical presentation so your lure drops straight to the bottom, unlike a lure that is cast and falls toward the angler, missing perimeter zones because they sink at an angle away from the cover.

The G. Loomis GL2 Bass Flip & Punch Casting Rod is made in the U.S.A.


G. Loomis GL2 Bass Flip & Punch Casting Rod
GL2 894C FPR7' 5"HeavyFast17 - 251/4 - 11
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