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G. Loomis GL2 Drop Shot Spinning Rods

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Item #: F11045321

G. Loomis GL2 Drop Shot Spinning Rods are designed with soft tips to allow the fish to inhale the bait without feeling a lot of resistance and when the angler feels the tension or just sees the line jump, all they have to do is raise the rod and the rod will do the rest. When the bite gets tough, it's especially effective. When the bite is on, it's a lot of fun. You'll appreciate all of the thought put into these rods with the very first fish. They're designed to do one thing... fish a drop shot rig effectively, hook the fish effectively and fight the fish effectively.

A lot of what bass fishing is all about happens on or near the bottom. Bass are structure-oriented critters that use the contours of the lake bottom like a highway. Dropshotting allows you to concentrate your efforts in those areas where they slow down to rest or stage. It's a special technique for fishing the holding spots. With a sinker at the end of the line and the hook and bait up on the main line a few inches off the bottom, it's all about getting them to see the bait dangling there seductively, waiting for their reaction.

GL2 Drop Shot Spinning Rods feature durable and sensitive GL2 graphite blanks with custom split-grip handles and comfortable up-locking reel seats. The sensitive aluminum oxide guides are great for use with monofiament and fluorocarbon lines.

G. Loomis GL2 Drop Shot Spinning Rods are made in the U.S.A.


G. Loomis GL2 Drop Shot Spinning Rods are
GL2 821S DSR6' 10"Mag LightX-Fast5 - 101/8 - 7/161
GL2 822S DSR6' 10"Mag MediumX-Fast6 - 123/16 - 1/21
Specific Rod Details

GL2 783C CBR - A great all around open-water crankbait rod designed to throw medium-sized crankbaits of all styles, including shallow runners, lipless cranks and small deep-divers. A great shallow to medium-depth bait rod, especially where accuracy is more important than distance. It works well in close quarters due to the shorter length. It loads easily, is extremely lightweight and has more than enough power to handle big fish.

GL2 784C CBR - A combination of a little more power and the ability to fish a broader range of crankbaits makes this an excellent choice for fishing jerkbaits, lipless-vibrating baits and square bills. It doesn't have the range of the longer rods, but it's excellent when fishing in close-quarters, especially where you need a little more power to keep fish away from weed edges, shore cover and brush.

GL2 785C CBR - When you start fishing slightly larger lures, especially around more cover where you may need a little more power, this rod is a great choice for all styles and sizes of crankbaits. It's a great choice for fishing 1/2-ounce Traps and Spots with the versatility to cover a lot of water and manage large fish. Fish this rod over grass, around brush and sawgrass with little fear of losing fish to the cover. It has a surprising amount of power for such a subtle, soft-action rod.

GL2 843C CBR - A 7’ one-piece rod designed to throw medium-sized crankbaits. It’s a great rod for deep-diving lures and will throw a Rat-L-Trap that proverbial country mile. It’s stout enough to handle big largemouth, but light enough to fish smallmouth baits with maximum accuracy and control. The extra length really helps with longer casts and fish-fighting control.

GL2 845C CBR - When you have to resort to deep-diving crankbaits to dredge up a bass or two, this is the rod you’ll want. It’s extremely light, so sensitive you can feel a big bass watch your bait and so responsive, you’re ready for every move they make. It's designed with a slower action to allow your bait to work properly. It's a great, long-distance casting rod for medium to large cranks and is surprisingly powerful.

GL2 847C CBR - When you’re throwing large, oversized deep-divers, this is a rod you’ll really appreciate. It’s got the power to make extremely long casts, fish the baits as deep as they can run and handle any sized fish. An excellent choice for fishing the grass and over humps in deep-water situations. It will handle small swimbaits as well as any rod we make and talk about long-distance casts... this is the "cat's meow"!

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