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G. Loomis Frog Rods

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Item #: F12045121

G. Loomis Frog Rods feature blended graphite blanks with oversized Fuji Alconite guides. These rods are ultra-powerful specialty rods designed for both open water and heavy cover. G. Loomis not only improved the action, but reduced the weight of these rods substantially. G. Loomis Frog Rods have more than enough strength to pull a big bass out of even the heaviest cover with sheer brute force. These rods are also excellent for fishing the new soft plastic frogs in open water where you don't need quite so much power to get the fish to the boat.

G. Loomis Frog Rods are made in the U.S.A.


G. Loomis Frog Rods
TWFR854C7' 1"HeavyFast10 - 203/8 - 3/41
TWFR935C7' 9"Mag. HeavyFast12 - 253/8 - 11
Specific Rod Details

TWFR854C - This rod is designed to fish the soft plastic frogs "buzz bait" style in open water. If you aren't into the big power sticks, this rod will work in scattered cover as well, but then that's why we make two.

TWFR935C - Here's the ultimate heavy-cover, brute of a frog rod. Oversized guides give you excellent cast-ability with heavy line and when you give a bass the "no treatment" with this rod, it means NO! You won't believe rods this light can be so powerful!

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