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G. Loomis Drop Shot Rods
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G. Loomis Drop Shot Rods

G. Loomis Drop Shot Rods

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Item #: F11045034

G. Loomis Drop Shot Rods are as unique in action and performance as the drop shot alternative technique is to bass fishing. These rods are a balance of subtleties and power. You'll appreciate the soft tips for twitching baits, and when you "lift" the rod, the power behind those noticeably lighter tips will surprise you. You don't set the hook with this just crank a little faster and lift the rod slowly - if you can! There are two different series available.

The DSR822 models are for slightly heavier line, heavier cover, and water to 50 feet. Lightweight, durable Fuji Alconite guides are stacked forward to protect the line during extreme rod flex. The casting rods feature a Fuji "blank thru-handle" triggered reel seat and premium cork. The spin versions have a custom reel seat, allowing you to mount the reel in a forward position so you can touch the blank above the cork for additional sensitivity.


G. Loomis Drop Shot Rods
DSR820SSpinning6' 10"Mag. Light4 - 81/8 - 3/81A
DSR820CCasting6' 10"Mag. Light4 - 81/8 - 3/81B
DSR822SSpinning6' 10"Mag. Medium6 - 123/16 - 1/21A
DSR822SCasting6' 10"Mag. Medium6 - 123/16 - 1/21B

G. Loomis Drop Shot Rods
AG. Loomis Drop Shot Rod Handle A
BG. Loomis Drop Shot Rod Handle B
Specific Rod Details

The DSR820S is the ultimate in finesse spinning rods, it's designed with an extremely light tip to give you the perfect "bait shake," yet the butt is so powerful and locks up so quickly it hooks the fish before you realize it. A great addition to your arsenal when the bite gets tough.

The DSR820C drop-shot resolution is not just for spin fishers. It has a suprisingly light tip with a powerful butt to give you optimum "drop-shot" performance in a casting configuration. It is a light-line finesse anglers dream rod.

The DSR822S, a two power version, offers a slightly stiffer tip, allowing you to to fish much deeper water. Another advantage is "Texas Rigging" soft plastics when the fish head for cover.

The DSR822C is for you if you just plain prefer a casting rod, but need to dangle a finesse worm in front of a very negative largemouth, especially when you know he's tucked back in a bush. There's enough extra power to let you fish "Texas rigged" bait and still protect 10-pound line. With this rod, you can "drop" the bait and "lower the boom!"

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