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Handle: G. Loomis Cross Current Fly Rods Handle A
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G. Loomis Cross Current Fly Rods Handles
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Handle: G. Loomis Cross Current Fly Rods Handle A
Handle: G. Loomis Cross Current Fly Rods Handle B
Handle: G. Loomis Cross Current Fly Rods Handle C
G. Loomis Cross Current Fly Rods Handles
G. Loomis Cross Current Fly Rods View 1

G. Loomis Cross Current Fly Rods

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Item #: F13045721
G. Loomis Cross Current Fly Rods are outstanding fly fishing tools. You might call them "power tools" for the flats. G. Loomis uses "fiber blend technology" to combine the benefits of strength and stiffness of different materials to build a powerful rod for anglers at any level. These sticks are every bit as smooth, powerful and efficient as any fly rod on the market.

Blending different materials allows G. Loomis to take advantage of the unique properties of each without overbuilding the blank. Some fibers lend themselves to extra strength for extreme lifting power while others add stiffness for faster recovery to keep the rod tracking true for long and accurate casts. Another advantage is the price. These rods are about 30% less expensive than their GLX counterparts. They aren't as light, but they're everything an angler expects in a saltwater fly rod, with power to spare.

All Cross Current Fly rods have Fuji stripper guides and oversized stainless steel double-foot snake guides and tip-tops. All Cross Current fly rods feature premium grade Portuguese cork handles and come with a soft protective rod sock and Cordura-covered case.


FR1087-4 CC9'0"StiffFast7 wt.4A
FR1088-4 CC9'0"StiffFast8 wt.4A
FR1089-4 CC9'0"StiffFast9 wt.4A
FR10810-4 CC9'0"StiffFast10 wt.4A
FR10812-4 CC9'0"StiffFast12 wt.4A
FR10214-3 CC8'6"StiffFast14 wt.3B
FR9915-3 CC8'3"StiffFast15 wt.3C

AHandle A
BHandle B
CHandle C
Specific Rod Details

FR1087-4 CC - A great rod for almost any of the popular flats species like redfish, bonefish, specks and small permit. It's light, but don't let that fool you. It's more powerful than you think and totally capable of handling oversized surprises! When you want to go to a slightly lighter rod on the flats, whether for fun or the challenge, this is an excellent choice.

FR1088-4 CC - This is the most popular line-size for most flats species. It's light and responsive with a lot of power in the butt-section that helps you create tight loops and extend your casting range. This rod is designed for bonefish, permit, snook, stripers and blues, just to name a few. A great tool in any light-saltwater fly fisher's arsenal. Also makes an excellent option for bass, pike and steelhead.

FR1089-4 CC - When you want to catch bigger fish, make long casts in windy conditions and use big flies, this 9-weight is the right rod. It's a great choice for all the popular fish on the saltwater scene. Permit, barracuda, jacks, big reds, stripers, blues, false albies... you name it. It's extremely powerful and lighter than you'd expect.

FR10810-4 CC - A real powerhouse for casting big flies for big fish, especially on windy days. This is the rod you want for fishing wrecks for big permit, cobia and big barracuda. If you want a fly rod to take along when your out trolling for billfish and the dorado bite happens, this would be a good choice for casting oversized, wind resistant streamers. It's powerful, it's heavy-duty and it's tough!

FR10812-4 CC - This is an ideal rod for big tarpon! In fact, this is a great choice for any big fish. It will handle a variety of pelagics like striped marlin, white marlin and small tuna. You'll be in total control with this powerhouse. A real nice casting rod that will handle large flies with ease. When those big Silver Kings hit the flats, this rod will do it right. It's a smooth casting, fish-fighting machine!

FR10214-3 CC - The 8'6" #14 Cross Current was field tested on an extended world tour for pelagic and reef species with numerous world records caught. Light enough to be "castable" for long periods while reef fishing, the rod has plenty of toughness and lifting power to fight GT's and Grouper. It quickly became the rod of choice for sailfish too. Comfortable handling big flies and lines up to 600 grains, this is a big stick that walks softly, not.

FR9915-3 CC - G. Loomis describes this rod as "The Beast Tamer". It is the big fish rod for tuna, billfish, and amberjack to name a few. It has been designed for use with 20-pound leader and Loomis states that "this is NOT a rod for the faint of heart!" The 8' 3" length offers the ideal balance of lifting power and smooth, yet powerful casting qualities.

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