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G. Loomis Cross Current Beach Fly Rods

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Item #: F13045771
At 11' 3", the Cross Current Beach Fly Rods are very light in hand, have the guts to punch a cast into the wind and spray, and put a hurt on some serious fish. To cast a fly far, it takes a combination of high line speed and a heavy weight line. Not so easy hour after hour with a single hand rod. Enter the short two hand fly rod. Combining the leverage and power of two hands casting makes overhead casting heavy lines easier and less tiring.

Another advantage the Beach rod has is the ability to quick fire from 25 feet back to 100 by allowing the line's belly to slip just past the rod tip with a roll cast, followed by a quick lift, back cast and forward delivery. So whether you're on the beach or on a boat, the Cross Current 11' 3" Beach fly rod will provide a new level of performance.

Their reduced weight makes them far less tiring to cast. They're sensitive enough that you can feel a bass suck in a suspended jerkbait and they recover quickly so you won't have to worry about keeping your line tight when a fish jumps. In other words, you gain all the advantages of graphite with the action and flexibility of glass. Each rod in the series is crafted in a gorgeous metallic copper finish. These are truly state of the art crankbait rods.


FR13510-4 CC11'3"StiffFast10-11 wt.425 gr.4
FR13512-4 CC11'3"StiffFast12-13 wt.525 gr.4
Specific Rod Details

FR13510-4 CC - This model casts flies up to 5 inches with ease. We suggest a fly line with a head length between 35 to 40 feet weighing 425 grains (Plus or minus 25 grains), including Salt Water, Striper and Shooting Tapers.

FR13512-4 CC - If your needs are for all out distance, using up to extra large flies and or big poppers, intentions on doing combat with the likes of a GT with a bad attitude, big mama stripers or even tarpon off the beach, you'll want the #12 wt.-525 grain model. You may use Salt Water, Striper or Shooting Tapers of 525 grains (Plus or minus 25 grains) with a head length between 35 to 40 feet.

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