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G. Loomis Bass Crankbait Rods


G. Loomis Bass Crankbait Rods incorporate all the elements of the best fiberglass crankbait rods, but with all the added benefits of graphite. These rods have a soft, moderate-fast action that allows your lure to work perfectly, and allows the fish to inhale the bait, but unlike fiberglass rods, they're incredibly light, super responsive and extremely sensitive.

The reduced weight makes G. Loomis Crankbait Rods far less tiring to cast. These rods are sensitive enough that you can feel a bass suck in a suspended jerkbait, and they recover quickly so you won't have to worry about keeping your line tight when a fish jumps. In other words, you gain all the advantages of graphite with the action and flexibility of glass. Each rod in the series is crafted in a gorgeous metallic copper finish. These are truly state of the art crankbait rods.

During the last few decades, while the vast majority of the world's hardcore anglers have been enthusiastically snatching up graphite rods for their performance, one group has staunchly resisted - crankbait fishermen. They claim graphite's too stiff, too responsive, and won't let the fish inhale the lure. Well, here is G. Loomis' official answer: They're right. Fiberglass may be heavy, it may feel dead, it may have the reaction capabilities of over-cooked pasta - but its softer, slower action has often made it a better choice for fishing crankbaits.

G. Loomis Bass Crankbait Rods are made in the U.S.A.


G. Loomis Bass Crankbait Rods
CBR 7816' 6"Med. LightMod. Fast6 - 121/4 - 1/21
CBR 7836' 6"MediumMod. Fast8 - 141/4 - 5/81
CBR 7856' 6"Med. HeavyMod. Fast10 - 203/8 - 11
CBR 8417' 0"Med. LightMod. Fast6 - 121/4 - 1/21
CBR 8437' 0"MediumMod. Fast8 - 141/4 - 5/81
CBR 8457' 0"Med. HeavyMod. Fast10 - 203/8 - 11
CBR 8477' 0"HeavyMod. Fast12 - 251/2 - 1 3/81
CBR 9037' 6"MediumMod. Fast8 - 171/4 - 3/41
CBR 9067' 6"Med. HeavyMod. Fast10 - 203/8 - 11
Deep Diver
7' 11"HeavyModerate10 - 251/2 - 2 1/21
Deep Diver
7' 11"Extra HeavyModerate12 - 251/2 - 3 1/21
Specific Rod Details

CBR781 - Designed to throw small crankbaits and surface lures, this is an exceptional rod for chugging baits like the Pop-R and twitch baits like the small Spit'n Image. Throwing small, shallow-running crankbaits and vibrating/wiggle baits like Big O's or Super Spots? This is the perfect rod. It also handles 1/4 ounce buzzbaits exceptionally well, The 781 loads easily so you can cast light baits accurately, and it excels in clear water where light line and small lures are your only option.

CBR783 - This is a beautiful rod for throwing medium-size crankbaits and surface lures. It's awesome for deep-diving lures like the smaller Fat Free Shad and Wiggle Warts. It works well in close quarters, thanks to its shorter length. This rod really shines with big stickbaits. It loads easily, it's extremely lightweight, and it has more than enough power to handle big fish

CBR785C - This rod is perfect for throwing medium to large-size crankbaits and surface lures. This rods action is designed for shorter, more precise casts. It works well in close quarters, thanks to its shorter length. This rods light weight and powerful backbone give it the strength to lure big fish with big baits.

CBR841 - Designed for small to medium-size crankbaits, the 841 is an awesome rod for small deep-diving lures like Deep Wee R's or Wee Warts, and it handles a vibrating bait like the Rattle-Trap with perfection. It's rated for lures up to 1/2 ounce, but a 3/8-ounce deep-diver is about max. It makes an exceptional minnow-plug rod. It's excellent in clear water situations where you need lighter line, smaller lures and long casts to be effective.

CBR843 - If you fish medium-size crankbaits, you'll love the 843. It's great for deep-diving lures like a Fat Free Shad, and it'll throw a Rattle Trap the proverbial country mile. Stout enough to handle buzzbaits, the slower action allows fish to engulf the bait, yet still has the power to turn a lunker away from trouble.

CBR845 - When fishing larger deep-diving crankbaits, this is the rod you'll want. It's extremely light, and sensitive enough that you can feel a big bass just look at your bait, and so responsive you'll be ready for every move he makes. The slow action allows your bait to work perfectly and lets the fish catch up with it. And the 5-power rating means there's plenty of muscle once you hook into that proverbial monster of the deep.

CBR847 - The big daddy of the crankbait series. The perfect rod for big, oversize deep divers. It's the perfect combination of power and flexibility to handle the big Bagley baits, the 3/4 ounce Fat Free Shad and those bottom raking DD22's. A great big bass crankin' rod.

CBR903 - The longest rod in the Crankbait Series, the 903 is designed to throw large vibrating lures and crankbaits. It's a great rod for long range casting. The tip is soft enough to let your lure work as designed and the action is such that you won't pull your plug away from the fish. If you prefer to troll, this makes a very nice trolling rod for plugs on a downrigger, side-planer or flatline. It's extremely sensitive and super light.

CBR906 - This rod is designed specificly for "ripping" lipless crankbaits, like the lucky Craft LVR and Rattle Trap, out of the grass. The actual technique is to crank the bait down into the grass and then "rip" it free. That's when the strike occurs. You need a rod with a light enough tip to allow the bait to wiggle enticingly and yet have enough butt to power it out of the grass and handle big fish. After all, that's the goal, right?

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Customer Reviews
 g.loomid is quality
Pros: Good Tip Action, Accurate Casting, Easy To Transport, Sensitive, Durable
Best Uses: Small Fish, Large Fish
Comments: if you want quality and willing to pay for it this is the rod to add to your collection
p. copeland
Louisville, Ky.
G-Lommis Crankbait Rod
Pros: Flexible, Sensitive, Good Tip Action, Durable, Accurate Casting
Best Uses: Small Fish, Large Fish
Comments: The Crankbait rod was everything I hoped it would be, it helped in long distance casting, it has great feel and is strong on the hook set. I highly recommend the crankbait to everyone I fish with. Thank you G-Loomis
JB the Bassattacker.
West Bend, WI
Multipurpose Crankbait Rod.
Pros: Flexible, Accurate Casting, Good Tip Action, Easy To Transport, Sensitive, Durable
Best Uses: Large Fish, River Fishing, Small Fish
Comments: I have two crankbait rods,the CBR783 which I use with small to medium size crankbaits, and the CBR845 which I use with large crankbaits, lipless and deep diving minnow crankbaits. Both rods load and cast very smoothly.
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