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G. Loomis Classic Steelhead Spinning Rods
G. Loomis Classic Steelhead Spinning Rods
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G. Loomis Classic Steelhead Spinning Rods
G. Loomis Classic Steelhead Spinning Rods

G. Loomis Salmon / Steelhead Spinning Rods


G. Loomis Salmon / Steelhead Spinning Rods have a beautiful finish, premium cork handles and a hook keeper. All have premium Fuji reel seats except the GL3 Model STR1141S, which has a premium Loomis seat with a metal down-locking ring and cork seat cushion. The GL3, IMX and GLX rods come with a soft, protective rod sock. G. Loomis offers some of the finest salmon spinning rods available today. Available in the GL2, GL3, IMX and GLX series, these are rods you can fish the rest of your life.

The rods with the "SK" designation have the "Skamania-style" or Michigan drift style handle, with the smaller rear grip and longer front grip.


G. Loomis Salmon / Steelhead Spinning Rods
STR1024S GL28' 6"MediumFast8 - 1238 - 342C
STR1024S Gl38' 6"MediumFast8 - 1238 - 342B
STR1025S Gl28' 6"Med. HeavyFast8 - 1738 - 12C
STR1025S GL38' 6"Med-HeavyFast8 - 1738 - 12B
STR1082S GL29' 0"LightModerate6 - 1014 - 122C
STR1082S IMX9' 0"LightModerate6 - 1014 - 122A
STR1083S GL29' 0"Med-LightFast8 - 1238 - 342C
STR1084S GL29' 0"MediumFast8 - 1238 - 342C
STR1141S GL39' 6"Ultra LightSlow4 - 8116 - 382A
STR1141S IMX9' 6"Ultra LightSlow4 - 8116 - 382A
STR1141S GLX9' 6"Ultra LightSlow4 - 8116 - 382A
STR1201S-SK Gl210' 0"LightModerate6 - 10116 - 3162D
STR1265S GL210' 6"Med. HeavyModerate10 - 2038 - 1122E

G. Loomis Salmon / Steelhead Spinning Rod
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Specific Rod Details

STR1024S (GL2, GL3) - A good choice for fishing small to medium-sized rivers where you have sufficient room to work a fish once it's hooked. Best suited for eight or ten pound line and half-ounce lures, this rod is surprisingly strong. It will handle most smaller salmon species and steelhead, but it's on the lighter end of the spectrum. Makes a very nice boat rod for trolling for walleye and large trout, especially with side planers or downriggers. If you like to use a longer rod on the flats, this also makes an exceptional redfish rod.

STR1025S (GL2, GL3) - Designed for winter steelhead, where you need a little more backbone due to the larger weights required to fish high water conditions, the 1025S has sufficient power to fish chinook salmon. But it's actually best suited for silvers and chums. Because it has the power to move fish and bring them boat-side without a chase, this is a good choice for both boat and bank fishing. Additionally, it's a good alternative rod for stripers, blues and other medium-sized saltwater species.

STR1082S (GL2, IMX) - The 1082S is a very nice light-action summer-run steelhead rod, designed to fish six to ten-pound line in low, clear water conditions. It has a light, responsive tip with a fairly soft mid-section that allows you to lob small lures or bait to spooky fish. The butt section, however, is still fairly powerful, allowing you to handle large fish as well. While it's designed with light line applications in mind, this rod can also handle large salmon on ten-pound test, which makes it a nice option for low-water fall salmon fishing.

STR1083S (GL2) - This new spinning version of the STR1083 is designed for big summer-run steelies and small salmon. It balances nicely with eight to ten-pound line, allowing you to downsize your baits and lures in clear, low-water conditions. In fact, you can drop all the way down to six-pound test, yet still have the power to handle a twenty-pound steelhead. A good all-around drift rod, and a better-than-average spoon rod for big Western rivers

STR1084S (GL2) - As you travel north through steelhead country, rod lengths gradually increase, especially on the spinning side. When you look at the techniques, it is easy to see why. This 9 foot rod handles long leaders and light leads required for low, clear water of summer, and the heavier gear needed to fish the high, green waters of winter.

STR1141S (GL3, IMX, GLX) - The ultimate light line steelhead drift rod. It has the perfect action to handle six-pound line and a subtle power, much like a fly rod, that tires fish quickly. Loomis originally designed this rod for the Western technique known as boondogging where the angler lets his boat drift the same speed as the river. This allows the bait to maintain a drag-free drift beside the boat. The technique requires a more forgiving rod because the fish will drop the bait the minute it feels any resistance. Consequently, this rod is soft enough to let you "see" the strike before the fish has time to react. It works well for both winter and summer-run fish. Other applications include still-fishing bait for big trout, and casting small spinners and spoons from shore.

STR1143S-SK (GL2) - Here's a Great Lakes steelhead rod. It has a Skamania Style handle, which is a fancy way of saying its foregrip is long and its rear grip short. Why? For added leverage and line control, especially with slip-bobber rigs and light splitshot dropper rigs. Because the center of balance is back behind the angler's hand, the reel acts like a counter balance when lifting the rod tip. The extra length also gives you better control, especially with longer leaders. This short-butt style is very popular for drift fishing the Great Lakes tributaries for salmon and steelhead.

STR1201S-SK (GL2) - A specialty steelhead rod designed to fish the smaller, brushy streams of the Great Lakes region, where you need a quick hookset to keep the fish clear of brush and logs. The handle grips are reversed from the traditional western rod styles, with a long foregrip and short rear grip. This lets the angler put his hand ahead of the reel, increasing sensitivity and moving the center of balance back. That way he can lift the rod tip quickly without having to lift the reel. In fact, the reel acts as a counterweight, actually helping to lift the tip. The 10' length increases line and lure control and puts a lot of pressure on a fish, which is especially helpful in the log jams and brushy bends of these rivers. This short-butt style is very popular for drift fishing the Great Lakes tributaries for salmon and steelhead.

STR1265S (GL2) - Like the 1265C, this spinning rod was designed for smaller salmon in British Columbia. Works great with float fishing or standard drift gear. And it's a good alternative for downriggers and planer boards in the Great Lakes. Also a perfect rod for casting spoons and spinners from the shore at prime river mouths.

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Customer Reviews
 Money well spent
Pros: Very light! Very sensitive, feel every rock bottom bouncing
Comments: This rod is so light and so sensitive. It is evrything needed for alday steelhead fishing. I have also used this rod trolling for brown trout. This rod is worth every penny!
northern california
Professional Angler
 this product is worth buying
Pros: Flexible, Lightweight, Easy To Transport, Accurate Casting, Sensitive, Durable, Good Tip Action
Best Uses: Large Fish, River Fishing
Comments: i am so satified with this fishing rod i have bought three of them
Citrus Heights, Calif
 The best gift I could give my son.
Pros: Sensitive, Durable, Good Tip Action, Easy To Transport, Accurate Casting, Flexible
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: This rod was a gift to my son and his first G Loomis rod. I own several and swear by them. The expense prohibits many from the experience thus I chose to introduce my son early so he could appreciate the quality/ sensitivity of an exceptional piece of fishing equipment. I'm confident he will have a positive comment to post after fishing with me on the rivers of NorCal.
Citrus Heights, Calif.
Expensive, but worth it!!!
Pros: Accurate Casting, Sensitive, Good Tip Action, Flexible, Easy To Transport, Durable
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: I had to learn how to read the sensitivity in my hand to set the hook. The rods I have gave me a whole different take on river fishing.
Everett, WA
 A nice light, but strong steelhead rod
Pros: Light-weight, Good Tip Action, Sensitive, Accurate Casting
Cons: Handle a little rough
Best Uses: Steelhead river fishing
Comments: I bought this rod for its light-weight and coupled it with a light-weight magnesium reel. This combination is easy on my arm, but has more than enough strength to handle a substantial Skykomish River steelhead.
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