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G. Loomis Hot Shot Casting Rods


G. Loomis Hot Shot Casting Rods are designed to pull salmon and steelhead plugs like the infamous Hot Shot (hence the name), and that's still their #1 use. But you'll see anglers casting them for silvers, trolling them for big Kings or drifting bait with them for steelhead. The rods have light to medium tips and magnum-power butt sections, which make them excellent casting tools and even better fish-fighting tools.

If you're unfamiliar, the Hot Shot technique goes something like this... the angler positions his boat at the head of a run and allows the current to pull the plug down to the fish zone. The boat then sweeps across the current so the plug covers the entire width of the river (lure action is then monitored by watching the wiggle of the rod tip). When a fish hits, the magnum butt section actually sets the hook for you. The boat operator keeps tension on the fish until the angler can grab the rod from the holder. An extremely effective technique and a very versatile rod.

G. Loomis Hot Shot Casting Rods are a Neptune color, which is a dark blue.

G. Loomis Hot Shot Casting Rods are made in the U.S.A.

G. Loomis Hot Shot Casting Rods
HSR1021C (GL2)8' 6"Mag MediumX-Fast10 - 203/8 - 42
HSR1023C (GL2)8' 6"Mag HeavyX-Fast12 - 251/2 - 52
HSR1025C (GL2)8' 6"Mag HeavyX-Fast15 - 301 - 62
Customer Reviews
Kennewick, WA
Avid Angler
Pros: Great for pulling plugs, Sensitive tip section, Good backbone
Cons: Not applicable
Best Uses: Steelhead plug rod, Salmon hover rod
Comments: My "go to" rod for Salmon/Steelhead. Excellent plug rod, but works well for hover fishing eggs too. Worried that it'd be a little light for big Fall fish, but so far; it's got plenty of backbone to handle up to 30 lbs of upriver brightness.
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