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G. Loomis Classic Casting Rods


G. Loomis Classic Casting Rods shine when fishing on banks where heavy cover prevents use of a long rod. They are shorter than their Mag Bass cousins and available in 6' 0" lengths. To increase accuracy on casts at a low trajectory, they have fast actions and incredibly responsive tips. The more popular models in this series are available in GLX, IMX and GL3 Loomis graphite. You will find the the Classic Casting rods are truly extraordinary rods when in tight situations.

G. Loomis Classic Casting Rods are made in the U.S.A.


G. Loomis Classic Casting Rods
CR721 (IMX)6' 0"LightFast6 - 123/16 - 1/21
CR722 (IMX)6' 0"MediumFast8 - 141/4 - 5/81
CR722 (GL3)6' 0"MediumFast8 - 141/4 - 5/81
CR723 (GLX)6' 0"Med. HeavyFast10 - 171/4 - 3/41
CR723 (IMX)6' 0"Med. HeavyFast10 - 171/4 - 3/41
CR723 (GL3)6' 0"Med. HeavyFast10 - 171/4 - 3/41
CR724 (IMX)6' 0"HeavyFast12 - 201/4 - 11
Specific Rod Details

CR721C - A fast action rod with a light power rating designed to protect light lines, the 721 still has the power to move large fish. The softer tip increases casting accuracy, making it easy to snap-cast small to medium-sized baits at difficult targets like pocket water and boat docks. Great for fishing crystal clear water that doesn't have a lot of heavy cover, where light line is an advantage. The length allows you flexibility for casting and depth control, while the light action is a perfect balance between flexibility and strength: soft enough to allow fish to inhale the lure, yet enough power to control the fish.

CR722C - Here's one of the most popular and versatile casting rods in the entire G. Loomis line - capable of fishing a variety of lures and techniques. A good rod for topwater lures, it's also an excellent choice for grubs and worms, especially when fishing clear water with 10-12 pound test. Yet it will handle larger worms and up to 3/8 ounce jigs. It has enough power to move fish away from cover, but it's much better as an open water rod.

CR723C - It has a powerful tip, which allows for a good hook set, with ample power to move fish away from heavy cover, but it still has the flexibility to fish a "super-spook" for surface action. Where this rod really shines is throwing jigs and worms around docks, tule berms, rock outcroppings and other visible ambush points. It has sufficient length to increase casting range, without being cumbersome in close quarters. If we had only one rod for all of your fishing, and shorter was better, this would be our choice.

CR724C - A powerful tip and butt make this a good choice for fishing jigs and worms. It's basically a black bass rod, but has power aplenty for stripers. It's an excellent choice for jigging spoons in heavy timber, or vertical jig and worm presentations. Its stiff tip allows you to set the hook with authority, and it has more than enough backbone to move large fish away from obstructions. This is an ideal rod for Midwest bass anglers, where you find more trees and brush than casting area.

Customer Reviews
tasmania australia
Pros: Good Tip Action, Easy To Transport, Trolling deep runners, Accurate Casting
Cons: None so far
Best Uses: Large Fish, Lake trolling large trout
Comments: trolling lakes with deep running lures
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