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G. Loomis Carolina Rods

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Item #: F12045071

G. Loomis Carolina Rods are designed to make throwing those long leaders and heavy weight much easier. Both have longer rear grips for total, two-handed casting control. The added length also increases casting distance so you can cover more water, as well as long arcing rod sweep for positive hooksetting power

Carolina Rods are offered in the new MossyBack version which is based on a special blend of graphite and features AFTCO Alconite guides. The result is an unbelievably sensitive, feather-light fishing instrument that will give you total confidence and improve your success immediately. These rods have a faster taper which increases accuracy by lowering casting trajectory. The power zone has been moved up on the Carolina rods, making the overall rod stiffer. Loomis managed to address this without adding any additional weight. Numerous field testers can attest to fishing all day long, hardly remembering holding a rod in their hands.

G. Loomis Carolina Rods are made in the U.S.A.


G. Loomis Carolina Rods
BCR 874 MossyBack7' 3"HeavyFast14 - 205/16 - 3/41
BCR 875 MossyBack7' 3"X-HeavyFast17 - 253/8 - 11/21
Specific Rod Details

BCR874 - This is the epitome of Carolina Rig rods. It has a longer rear grip for two-handed casting control which is really nice when you start using leaders over 3-feet long. A fast action and the extra length dramatically increases your casting range and hook-setting power. This model has been designed for mid-sized baits and weights.

BCR875 - If you were looking for the magnum Carolina Rig rod, you found it. It has a slightly longer rear grip for two-handed casting control and the overall rod length provides much more positive hooksets. This is the magnum version of the Carolina to get fish out of thick cover.

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