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The Frabill Straight Line 241 Bro Series Ice Combos feature technique and species specific blanks. Each model features an aluminum reel seat to securely hold the reel in place. The composite reel features an amazing 2.4:1 retrieve ratio, never seen before in a fly fishing-styled ice reel. The style of these reels allow the line to feed straight off of the spool eliminating line twist, line coiling and the spinning of the lure/tackle.

Features of the Rods include:

  • Technique/species specific actions
  • Blank through handle construction
  • Aluminum oxide guides
  • Blank materials chosen to match the technique, action and species
  • Aluminum reel seat
  • Hook keeper

Features of the Reels include:

  • 2.4:1 reel ratio
  • Smooth drag
  • Oversized reel handle
  • Lightweight composite construction for strength and durability
  • Composite construction does not feel cold in frigid temperatures
  • 2 plus 1 ball bearing reel
  • Ambidextrous over-sized reel handle
  • Sub-Zero lube for smooth operation in the coldest of temperatures

Frabill Straight Line 241 Bro Series Ice Combo
ModelActionRod Length (in.)Application
24" QTQuick Tip24Panfish
30" QTQuick Tip30Panfish
30" LLight24Finese Walleye/Larger Panfish
36" QTQuick Tip36Panfish
36" LLight24Finese Walleye/Larger Panfish
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Customer Reviews
Northern Wyoming
Haven't used enough yet. . .
Pros: good price, arrived in good shape
Comments: Need to spend more time on the ice with rod/reel combo to evaluate.
Grove City, OH
 Rod is awesome reel is basic
Pros: Rod is revolutionary
Cons: Reel is basic andnot sized well, too heavy, wide line spool, tightreel handle radius.
Best Uses: ice fishing
Comments: Worth the purchase for just the rod- the reel leaves room for improvement.Too wide so line wraps unevenly on the spool, Also pretty heavy so throws the combo off balance. And the reel is small so to turn the handle 360 degrees requires a tight hand motion.And due to it being made of metal it gets really cold to hold on to. Rod tip replaces the need for a spring bobber - great rod design.Has a red ball at the end so you can easily see bites. If you add a spring bobber with a bead over it the jigging motion will cause the two balls to make contact which will send extra action to the bait.
Pros: multiplier for fast retrieve
Cons: No free spool to let line out.
Best Uses: ice fishing, vertical jigging .
Comments: Bought the reel because of the "multiplier" fast retrive ratio. But, the reel has no free spool on it. So in reality, you must pull line out through the drag system to feed line to fish at your desired depth. I gave it "two fish" rating because I bought the reel in a combo and I like the 30" Bro Series quicktip rod. The reel is junk!
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